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LOOK: Catholic Priest ‘Father TikTok’ Wins At TikTok Philippines Awards 2021!

Fr. Fiel Pareja joins the likes of Ranz and Niana, Marvin Fojas, and Dr. Kilimanguru in the list of winners.

Father Fiel Pareja, known as Father TikTok to his followers, won the ‘Tiktok Rising Star’ Award in the recently concluded TikTok Philippines Awards.

Fr. Fiel joins the many professionals– doctors, nurses, teachers– who have now become influencers in the social media platform. Aside from Fr. Fiel, there are other clergymen and other members of various religious denominations who share the word of God and other messages that inspire the audience. (Read: 4 Tiktok Creators You Should Follow for Life Advice)

Father Tiktok won alongside celebrities Sanya Lopez and Andrea Brillantes, med student and post-graduate intern Vanessa Alvarez and Krizzle Luna, and sibling duo Ranz and Niana.

‘Father TikTok’

Photos from Father Fiel Pareja TikTok

In this day and age, technology has become a friend. The isolation brought about by the pandemic has got us looking for ways to entertain ourselves. It’s probably the main reason why there are so many who are now on video-sharing platform TikTok– including Fr. Fiel.

Fr. Fiel was actually featured in My Pope Philippines a few months back, where he shared that he was just encouraged by a nephew to make an account on TikTok. Lo and behold, he quickly gained over 1.3 million followers in just a span of a few months!

However, the parochial vicar of the Immaculate Conception Parish, in Baligao, Angeles City, not only signed up for entertainment. He used the platform to share the Gospel with his over a million followers. He also uses it to spread God’s word and give daily messages of inspiration and motivation.

“Social media and modern technology are gifts from God that need to be utilized,” he said during My Pope Philippines‘s interview with him. He also shared that he did not think his content would be a hit to Gen Z and Millennials, but is grateful that even the younger generations are appreciating his content. (Read: 5 Reasons to Check Out the Palicte Dancers on Tiktok)

TikTok Awards

Through TikTok, he has inspired many people, and even made him more confident about himself! ““TikToking” daily changed me for the good by boosting my self-confidence in facing a camera and hearing my recorded voice, which personally makes me uneasy,” Fr. Fiel said.

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