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4 Fast-Food Joints That Offer Plant-Based Options in the PH

Planning to adopt a vegetarian diet this Lenten season? We got you!

Lent, in Christianity, is a period of penitential preparation for Easter, beginning on Ash Wednesday. It is observed for 40 days in imitation of Jesus Christ’s fasting in the wilderness.

Devout Catholics are encouraged to fast and abstain from eating meat starting Ash Wednesday until Good Friday. It is also a tradition to forego meat for the seven Fridays during the Lenten season— these Fridays are oftentimes referred to as “Fish Fridays.” (Read: What’s the Difference Between Fasting and Abstinence?)

But in addition to only eating fish during Lent, some faithful are also opting for a plant-based diet. This means focusing on food primarily sourced from plants— such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, oils, whole grains, legumes, and beans.

Thanks to the rise of meatless burgers, there are now more plant-based options available in various Philippine fast-food joints! Here are some of them.

Plant-Based Options: Shakeys

Photo from Shakey’s Philippines Facebook

Shakeys is offering not one, but two guilt-free burgers, the Goood Burger and the Goood Goood Burger, both priced at P185. 

The burgers are made with plant-based unMEAT patties from Century Pacific Food, Inc. Both burgers are composed of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, white onion, pickles, and vegan dressing. However, the Goood Burger comes with a potato bun, while the Goood Goood Burger uses a lettuce wrap.

Plant-Based Options: Starbucks

Photo from Starbucks Philippines Facebook

In January, Starbucks Philippines has rolled out classic lasagna (P195), BBQ mochi bun (P85), and mince roll (P95). (Read: Wow! Starbucks Just Added Plant-Based Food to Its Menu!)

Its healthier version of classic lasagna is made with plant-based bolognese and cheese, while the mince roll uses plant-based ground patty and cheese for its filling. Lastly, the mochi bun is stuffed with Asian BBQ-style plant-based filling.

Plant-Based Options: Burger King

Photo from Burger King Philippines Facebook

In 2019, Burger King launched its first plant-based Whopper in the United States. Due to its success, the fast-food giant has also made this available to the Philippines. 

Its plant-based Whopper (P89) was made through a partnership with Australia’s #1 plant-based company V2Food. Its patties are mainly made with soy protein but it still retains the iconic smoky and flame-grilled approach to its cooking.

Plant-Based Options: Zark’s

Photo from Zark’s Burgers Facebook

Zark’s V Burger (P139) is made from the first locally-made plant-based Veega Meat-Free of San Miguel Foods. The vegetarian burger is topped with cheddar cheese, garlic ranch sauce, tomatoes, and lettuce.

Customers have a choice to have a double patty V Burger for P219 and a triple patty V Burger for P299.

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