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Famous Personalities Who Never Leave Home Without Their Rosaries

In honor of the celebrations for the Month of the Holy Rosary, My Pope lists down three renowned personalities who are proud devotees of this Catholic devotion.  

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Mark Wahlberg

Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg is known for proudly speaking out about his faith. A devout Catholic, Wahlberg says he gets up at 2:30 in the morning to pray, and spends 30 minutes of his time with God. When he was fortunate enough to meet Pope Francis, the actor had his personal rosary blessed by the Pontiff!

Martin Sheen

The Hollywood actor is so fond of rosaries, he has one for every vehicle his family owns! In an interview, the actor said “It [rosary] has great meaning in my life. I’ve become known as ‘The Rosary Dispenser’ because I leave rosaries wherever I go. All the vehicles that everyone in my family drives have a blessed rosary on the rearview mirror. Our [tour] bus has one as well. I wouldn’t leave home without it.”

Felicidad T. Sy

The wife of Henry Sy Sr. and founder of the Felicidad T. Sy Foundation also has a devotion to the Holy Rosary. As she was not raised as a Catholic, she did not know all the words to the Our Father, Hail Mary, or Glory Be. But this did not stop her from going to Quiapo church as a young girl where she would fervently “pray” the Holy Rosary by repeatedly reciting the names of the prayers!

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This article appears in the October 2018 issue of My Pope Philippines. Text by Tata Mapa and Stephanie L. Jesena.
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