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4 False Beliefs That Hold You Back From Being Your Best Self

Oftentimes, we stick to false beliefs that, without us knowing, are detrimental to our hearts and souls.

Throughout your life, your experiences lead you to your own set of principles and beliefs. While some of these are necessary to help you cope with life’s challenges, others may have been limiting you from becoming and pursuing your best self—mentally and emotionally.

These beliefs, although they usually sound like good mantras, have in reality been hindering your growth and maturity.

Here are four false beliefs that we often tell ourselves that may have been detrimental to your heart and soul.

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“My worst mistakes or my greatest achievements define me.”

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This belief reinforces the notion that you should see yourself in a polarized way. Not only is this false, but it is also not healthy and unrealistic.

Your mistakes or greatest accomplishments in life do not make up yourself. You are defined by how you treat the people around you, how kind you are, and how others feel when they are in your company. Always remember that those who matter will not think about your greatest failures or success. You’re probably not perfect, but then who is?

“My growth is contingent upon my material success.”

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Your worldly achievements—belongings, status, physical attractiveness—can be easy ways to measure success. But still, at the end of the day, humanity has this false belief that growth is measured by what we physically see.

In reality, your growth is contingent upon your willingness to reflect on your actions and thoughts, your choice to make a change for the better, and your capability to see other’s perspectives other than your own. If you could do these things, then no amount of material success can measure up to your growth as a human being.

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“If I’m not the best, I’m not good enough.”

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Society and the world have convinced us that life is a competitive sport. We have been conditioned to stick to the false belief that we always have to better someone else. In reality, this is untrue.

Another person’s beauty is not the absence of your own, nor does another’s happiness. Each individual can experience their own version of a good, healthy, and happy life.

“Other people only deserve my respect if they earn it”

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Everybody deserves respect. Even your worst enemy, even if you disagree with someone’s actions, even if you dislike them as a whole. This false belief says that a person—including you—deserves respect only by some established rules and standards. Not only are you diminishing respect for others, but you are also neglecting your respect for yourself.

Approach people and treat them with dignity. You’ll find it easier to find grace within yourself when you’ve made mistakes or failed.

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