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This Course Creator Chooses Faith Over Fear—And Writes A Book

Myrra Kate launches ‘Faith Steps’ at the Manila International Book Fair

Sometimes, it takes a brush with death to make us vow never take a single moment in life for granted. For Kingdom-driven entrepreneur, online course strategist, and author Myrra Kate, a close call with dengue in January 2019 proved a watershed moment. 

Told that she wouldn’t have survived if she was diagnosed a day later, and that there was no particular cure for her, except to keep strong so she could fight the virus, she realized “just how much I was playing it safe at that time,” she told My Pope Philippines. “So I promised myself that, when I get healed, I would live my life to the fullest and not sleep on my dreams.” (Read: Book Author Anne Marla Talks Love, Chasing Dreams, and More!)

One of those dreams is writing a book—which the 23-year-old did in the latest 90-Day Book Writing Challenge organized by corporate trainer, keynote speaker, and author Sha Nacino.  Myrra Kate, whose book Faith Steps will be launched at the Manila International Book Fair on Friday, October 1, from 6 pm to 8 pm, gives My Pope Philippines a sneak-peek into her book and work as a course creator. 

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Congratulations on your book and your upcoming launch! Please tell us what Faith Steps is all about.

Thank you! Faith Steps is a faith-based personal development book that aims to help 20-somethings overcome the roadblocks to their true success. I wrote this book to encourage and equip young dreamers to take action towards their biggest dreams and consistently choose faith over fear.

Yes, writing a book has been a dream, a life goal of mine, ever since I was young. I used to write in my diaries and fill so many journals, but I never really thought I’d achieve this dream at this age. That’s why, when I was on my daily prayer sessions with God in February this year and heard a whisper in my heart saying “It’s time to write your book,” I was extremely reluctant. I made up excuses like “I’m not good enough to do that” or “God, I’m too young to write a book. Nobody would listen to what I have to share.” But in the end, I obeyed, knowing that God doesn’t call the qualified and instead, qualifies those He has called. (Read: Three female astronauts who’ll inspire you to go after your dreams)

Briefly, so we don’t give too much away, please name three roadblocks to attaining success.

Oh, it’s hard to only pick three and I think that’s why readers should get the book! Three of the roadblocks I talk about are fear of failure (“I’m scared to fail”), fear of other people’s criticism (“What if people judge me?”), and imposter syndrome (“I’m not good, smart, popular, insert-whatever-adjective-here enough to do this!”).

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Why are your book and its message relevant today?

As I’ve mentioned, when faced with the invitation to take a leap of faith in achieving one of my wildest dreams—writing a book—my first reaction was reluctance and fear. I think I’m definitely not alone in this.

I see (and even know) so many people, especially 20-somethings, millennials, or Gen Zs, who are crippled with fears, anxieties, and excuses that stop them from pursuing the dreams God planted in their hearts. While I don’t have a one-size-fits-all formula to overcome that, I do know that there is power in self-awareness and the ability to name the roadblocks we’re facing. So, we’re not heading into a battle like we’re blindfolded, right?

This is why I’m truly passionate about the Faith Steps book and know that it will inspire, encourage, and equip many young people to choose faith over fear. (Read: These Young Pinay Celebrities Balanced Showbiz And Studies Admirably!)

What is a course creator and how do you differ from others?

A course creator is someone who creates and sells online courses as a kind of digital product in the online space. It’s a booming industry, actually! Through online courses, I was able to monetize my blog and make an income and impact online.

What differentiates me from other online course creators is my story and how I show up online. I believe that my business is something I’m only stewarding. It’s mine in some sense, but it’s not. It’s God’s. He’s my Ultimate CEO. So the way I show up for my audience, my students, and my clients is coming from a place of service and love because I believe I’m in this industry as a representative of Christ.

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From your experience, when do you know you’re on the right course?

Every path and decision I take is definitely something I go to God for. I always ask for wisdom and discernment from the Holy Spirit to make sure I’m on the right course for my life and business.

Who is your course creator and how has he or she gotten you on the right track?

If you’re talking about an online course creator, I—yours truly— am my own course creator. For my business, I am the one developing and managing all aspects of my online courses including the curriculum, the marketing content, and the sales copies.

On the other hand, if you’re talking about who my course creator is when it comes to my life and business, I’d proudly say that it is God. Just by simply reading the Bible and seeking Him in all that I’m doing, I feel that I am always guided on the right path. (Read: This Mom Turned Lessons From A Failed Marriage Into Her First Book)

Sometimes, though, I make mistakes and that’s why I’m glad that God is such a graceful father and course corrector. Knowing that definitely helps me be courageous in taking steps in the course of my life and business.

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