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Facebook Launches ‘GIF Storybooks’ to Teach Online Safety to Children

Teach your kids online safety in a fun and interactive way!

The internet may be one of the most powerful innovations of the 21st century—but it can also be a dangerous place especially for vulnerable children and teens.

Protecting children from the dangers of the online world—sexual predators, bullies, and trolls—starts with knowing what these threats are and preparing quick solutions to avoid them. With that in mind, Facebook, the Child Rights Network, and the Stairway Foundation have come up with the idea of launching a series of GIF-animated stories on online safety called “GIF Learning Library.” (Read: ‘Face Your Peers’ book calls upon young Filipinos to support survivors of abuse)

“At Facebook, we recognize the new reality that looks much different this year for both parents and kids,” said Amber Hawkes, Facebook Head of Safety for the Asia-Pacific region. “The new reality is that kids need to stay home and they’re online more often now whether for distance learning or socializing. We will continue to provide tools and resources to help parents start conversations with their children about online safety and protecting their personal information,” 

GIF Storybooks: Kelly Kuneho  

Photos from Child Rights Network Instagram

The latest addition to the GIF Learning Library includes two stories about the colorful learning journey of Kelly Kuneho.  These tales, focusing on the importance of why young children should be cautious and vigilant online, are also available in both Filipino and English versions of the books Sarado ang Mahiwagang Kaharian (or Stuck in the Castle) and Pwede Ba I-click Ito? (or Can I Click This?

The GIF Learning Library is now available on the Child Rights Network’s Facebook and Instagram pages for free.  In the coming weeks, new and exciting stories about online safety—including activities for parents such as GIF coloring books and quizzes—will also be released on the platforms.

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