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4 Facebook Groups for Your Everyday Dose of Positivity

Needs tips in making big life decisions? Join these groups!

Admittedly, the quarantine has made us all feel detached and unproductive— especially with the lack of socialization we’re experiencing. Good thing, there are online communities that somewhat alleviate the feeling of isolation among us.

Some of these online communities are Facebook groups that have been made before the pandemic, while others were created during the pandemic for the purpose of helping one another survive the quarantine. (Read: 5 Social Media Personalities You Should Be Following)

My Pope lists four Facebook groups that have been helping many get by day to day during the last 10 months, and we explain why you should join!

Facebook Groups for Positivity: Quarantine Tribute Tips

Photo from Quarantine Tribute Tips Facebook

Quarantine Tribute Tips (QTT) was initially created to help those who were in charge of going out to run errands (called ‘tributes’ in reference to the Hunger Games) during the pandemic. Members of the group would ask fellow tributes about quarantine passes, how to go about paying bills, the process when going to the grocery, and other things that might have been adjusted because of the health crisis. (Read: 5 Tips to Keep Yourself Motivated and Focused on Your Goals)

And since its creation in March, QTT has grown to become a safe space for people who want to ask for advice on a variety of topics like work, school, relationships, and the like. The group has become somewhat of a large support group with thousands of individuals who are willing and ready to give you advice, should you ask for it!

Facebook Groups for Positivity: Subtle Decision Making

Photo from Subtle Decision Making Facebook

Subtle Decision Making or SDM is a group dedicated to individuals who can’t decide on trivial things like what color to get for a specific item of clothing, or what username to use on their social media accounts. But aside from these rather simple decisions, SDM has also become a place where people who are troubled with bigger and might we say life-changing decisions turn to. (Read: 3 Ways to Avoid ‘Cancel Culture’ in Social Media)

The members have also been helpful when it comes to giving advice and insights on their personal experiences to provide the posters with a new perspective that could help in the decision-making process.

Facebook Groups for Positivity: Who’s Your Pupper?

Photo from Who’s Your Pupper? Facebook

Who’s Your Pupper is a group where you can find either the most adorable or funniest dogs in the country! Owners would share photos and videos of their sleeping dog who is lying in a funny position or is seemingly dreaming about playing, moving his legs even while asleep. Some would also share photos of their dogs eating or asking for a bite of whatever their humans are eating. (Read: Checklist: 5 Things Responsible Pet Owners Focus On)

Who’s Your Pupper is also a place where owners can ask fellow dog lovers for tips about grooming and taking care of their four-legged fur-mily members!

Facebook Groups for Positivity: What’s Your Ulam, Pare?

Photo from What’s your ulam pare? Facebook

What’s Your Ulam, Pare? is a group that has been around for over three years and has over 400,000 members. Some group members would share their home-cooked meals and personal recipes, while others share their new restaurant and hole in the wall discoveries. Members would also give cooking tips to others, or tips on when to go to a specific restaurant or area to avoid peak hours.

And while it may make you crave for food, What’s Your Ulam, Pare? has been a safe and entertaining space for many during the quarantine.

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