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Exclusive: Elijah Canlas Recounts His Best Travels in the PH, Abroad

An internationally awarded actor, 20-year-old Elijah has seen many places here and abroad.

Elijah Canlas is now one of the most sought-after actors of this generation— teleserye, web series, and movie producers from everywhere are enlisting his talent for their individual projects. And why wouldn’t they? This young actor has become a household name especially after the phenomenal success of their web series, Gameboys, where he starred alongside Kokoy De Santos and Adrianna So.

But even before Gameboys, 20-year-old Elijah has already started to make a name for himself, appearing in award-winning movies like LSS (Last Song Syndrome), Babae at Baril, and Edward. And more recently, he made waves when his movie Kalel, 15 is on Netflix at last, and his new movie He Who Is Without Sin was finally released to the public. (Read: 5 Must-Watch Movies Starring Elijah Canlas)

Elijah is praised and applauded by many for his undeniable talent and potential, with some emphasizing that his acting has affected them as if they were in the movie with him. But it wasn’t only fans and viewers who saw the potential Elijah has even at his young age— award-giving bodies here and abroad spotted it, too!

Photos from (background) Kelly Lacy from Pexels and Elijah Canlas Instagram

Just recently, Elijah earned the Gawad Urian 2020 Best Actor award for Kalel, 15, as well as the Best Actor award at the 17th Asian Film Festival for the same movie. He is also currently nominated for Best Actor at the FAMAS Awards 2020, with Kalel, 15, and its production crew also bagging nominations.

These awards have made it possible for Elijah to travel to different parts of the world to attend film festivals and receive awards. In fact, the actor posts some of these trips on his Instagram feed and shares his remarkable experiences at these festivals. But you can also notice that he shares some of his trips around the Philippines! It seems like he really does love to travel. (Read: 4 Movie Entries for This Year’s Metro Manila Film Festival)

This is why when My Pope Philippines got to interview him, we couldn’t help but ask the young actor about his favorite travels— both local and international— and what makes them so special.

Top Philippine Destination: Batanes

Photos from (background) Kelly Lacy from Pexels and Marlboro Country – Mainland Batanes Facebook

When asked about his top three destinations, Elijah was quick to answer that the first place would be Marlboro Hills in Batanes, up in the very north of the Philippines. “Grabe yung view ‘dun, grabe yung Batanes as a place,” he says, “Sabi ko nga kung mamamatay ako, ‘dun na lang. Kung ikakasal ako, ‘dun na lang din.” (Read: 3 Ways to Practice Responsible Tourism Amid Pandemic)

Elijah adds that what made him fall in love with the place is the peace it brings to him and the peace he felt with the whole world. He also hopes to be able to come back once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, just to get to feel that kind of peace again.

Best Overseas Experience: Amsterdam

Photos from (background) Kelly Lacy from Pexels, Maison van den Boer, AFAR Media, and Ronald Tilleman / ArchDaily

For his preferred destination overseas, Elijah says it would be the museums in Amsterdam, Netherlands— the Stedelijk, Rijksmuseum, and the Van Gogh Museum. “Sobrang ganda ng architecture niya, and when you go inside it’s a totally different experience. It feels like you’re transported into a different world,” he explains. (Read: Here’s why Vincent Van Gogh always painted people and the environment)

The proud art fanatic says that each of the museums has a charm of its own right, making him feel like he traveled to a different time and era. “I would love to just sleep in those museums, kasi every time ‘di ba nagbabago yung collections ‘dun. I’d love to go back there sana all the time,” Elijah shares.

“(Amsterdam is) also a very liberated city and sobrang diverse, and culturally, it’s also rich, sobrang daming art and you can never stop learning in that country.” (Photos from (background) Kelly Lacy from Pexels, Elijah Canlas Instagram, and (Anne Frank House) Jan Kranendonk / Radisson Blu Blog)

It’s not often that cities are peaceful and quiet— most cities would be loud and crowded with all the hustle and bustle. But Elijah says that he loved biking in Amsterdam, near the long river near the Anne Frank House where the 2014 romance-drama movie The Fault in Our Stars was actually shot!

“Napa-stop lang talaga ako just to admire the view. It was really quiet and ang daming birds. I took a couple of pictures pero I spent like 30 minutes to an hour just sitting there, just looking at everybody, observing how the city works,” Elijah tells My Pope. (Read: 7 Prayers to Attain Peace of Mind)

And when asked where he would like to go back to after the pandemic, Elijah confidently answers Amsterdam. “Just because I’ve heard that every time you go back to it, there’s something new about it,” he explains, “It’s also a very liberated city and sobrang diverse, and culturally, it’s also rich, sobrang daming art. You can never stop learning in that country.”

Watch our exclusive interview with Elijah Canlas below:

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