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Exclusive: Bey Talks ‘Crash Landing,’ Music Inspirations, and More!

The singer shares with My Pope Philippines the story behind her latest single!

Last year, amid the pandemic, Filipino musicians have been making headlines for their original music. This is evident in the acts that debuted like boy group BGYO, and songs that started playing on the radio like “Paubaya” and “Hanggang Sa Huli.”

But it’s not only local singers and musicians that have been working hard during the pandemic to put out OPM songs. Even those abroad are starting to make names for themselves — just like 21-year-old Los Angeles-based singer, Bey! (Read: 3 New Songs by Pinoy Artists That You Need to Hear Right Now)

The young singer recently released her first single “Crash Landing,” which was inspired by the K-drama, Crash Landing On You. The song, with its catchy beat and striking lyrics, talks about falling in love and being in a relationship that feels like a fantasy— making it a definite must-add to your playlist!

Now, if you’re curious about Bey and want to know more about her and her music, you’re in luck because My Pope Philippines got to sit down with the singer and talk about her songs, her music inspirations, and more!

A Childhood Passion

Photo from Bey Music Facebook

As a young girl, Bey dreamt of becoming so many things. She recalls wanting to become a ballerina at one point, but realized she “wasn’t graceful enough.” She also aspired to become a businesswoman just like her parents, saying she wanted to have something of her own, “be my own boss.”

Ironically, becoming a singer wasn’t one of the things that Bey had dreamt of when she was young. “I was so shy that I never thought I could carry out doing that,” she tells My Pope Philippines. “It was kind of a passion turned into an occupation, if that makes sense; it wasn’t really a dream that turned into an occupation.”

Still, music was a big part of Bey’s family while she was growing up. She recalls she developed her love for singing because it was how she and her family have bonded over the years. (Read: 5 Apps for a Virtual Bonding Session With Friends and Family)

“When it came to singing, I guess it started with singing in the car with my family, and doing karaoke,” she says.

Her First Single

Now, Bey is making a name for herself in the music industry. Her first single, “Crash Landing,” was released on all digital platforms on January 29— and it has since been on top of the charts on different streaming platforms!

“I wake up in the morning and I’m like, “Wow I can’t believe I have a song out and it’s my own, and there are people listening to it,” she says.

Many are listening, indeed! As a matter of fact, those who already heard the song are quick to figure out that it is inspired by the K-drama Crash Landing on You, which stars the real-life couple, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. (Read: 4 Korean Love Teams Who Became Real-Life Couples)

The song title itself gives it away, and even Hyun Bin’s character, Captain Ri, was mentioned in the song. But did you know that Bey hadn’t watched the phenomenal Kdrama before she recorded the song?

‘Crash Landing’ by Bey

Photo from Netflix

According to Bey, she only got to watch Crash Landing on You after she recorded her song. “I actually had to watch it after I recorded it,” she shares, “So it was kind of a backwards process, but yes, I did watch it.”

She also adds that the song “just came out” when she and the song’s writer and producer, Eunice Jorge of the Filipino band Gracenote, were just casually talking about what shows they were watching during their free time. That was how she learned about the Korean drama.

Crash Landing also has a Korean version where parts of the song were translated to hangul. And it worked perfectly, because Bey didn’t have a hard time learning the Korean language! (Read: 5 K-Pop Fans Share Why They Support Korean Artists)

“I had let the team know that I was already learning Korean from one of my past positions as a Korean liaison,” she shares. And thus, the Korean version was born.

Future Career Plans

Photo from Universal Records

With the success of “Crash Landing,” Bey is now looking to create more music and be more involved in the production process of her songs — and eventually, her album!

When asked about her other career plans, Bey says, “I would love to put up more music [in the future], have music that makes people feel good.”

But aside from releasing more songs, she would also want to become an artist who helps lift people up, and become a good public figure. “I want to use my platform for good,” she explains. (Read: 5 Motivational Songs to Start Your Year Right)

But right now, the 21-year-old is just thankful for all the support she’s getting from music fans and everyone who’s had the chance to listen to her song.

“I appreciate everyone who has been listening, streaming, and supporting my music— it means the world to me. I’m very thankful you guys are here,” she says.

Watch our exclusive interview with Bey below:

Give “Crash Landing” a listen on Spotify and watch the official lyric video and music video on YouTube today! For more updates on Bey and her music, follow her on Instagram and Twitter

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