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WATCH: This 5-minute Video Expresses The Pain of Losing A Baby

“Grief lasts forever, because love lasts forever.”

For a parent, there is no loss more gut wrenching than the loss of a child. Children are supposed to outlive their parents, not the other way around, as the old saying goes. Unless you’ve experienced it yourself, attempting to understand what a parent feels like is futile. And this video, Every Baby Matters, gives us a glimpse of the pain that parents who lost a child go through. 

“There is nothing that prepares a parent for the horror that is child loss,” said writer, speaker, and grief advocate Angela Miller in an interview. Her son was just a toddler when he passed away suddenly. (Read: 4 Spiritual Prayers for Mourners of the Dead)

“My life became forever divided into before and after. For as long as I breathe, I will grieve and ache and love my son with all my heart and soul. There will never come a time I won’t think about who my son would be, what he would look like, and how he would be woven perfectly into the tapestry of my family. I wish people could understand that grief lasts forever, because love lasts forever; that the loss of a child is not one finite event—it is a continuous loss that unfolds minute by minute, over the course of a lifetime.”

The short video features the spoken word poetry of Dai Woolrige. Though intended to address the grief of miscarriage (the film is sponsored by Saying Goodbye, a UK-based non-profit organization that helps parents cope with the loss of a child), Dai’s words ring true for anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, no matter the age. (Read: These saints’ words in poetry will fuel your faith in God)

“But sometimes conversations/they get cut short/you don’t get the chance to say what you thought/ you thought it’d be fine/you thought you’d have plenty of time/to say what you think, what you feel/but you find something’s wrong/something’s tragic/something’s gone/conversation’s stopped/communication’s gone.”

With over 97,000 views, this video sends a message that clearly hits the spot. “So spot on that it made me cry,” wrote smverbo seven years ago. “I’ve had to say goodbye to 3 babies—never held but never forgotten.  Thank you for putting my feelings into words.” (Read: 3 Tear-Jerker Movies You Should Add To Your List)

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