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The Best Home Recipes by Erwan Heussaff

See how his love for cooking always gets the best of Erwan with these trial and error videos in the kitchen!

Nowadays, a lot of people are turning to the Internet for videos on how to make different dishes and desserts. This can be mostly attributed to two things: the accessibility of the internet and the vast options of whose recipe to watch and follow.

And while it’s true that many are now becoming online vlogger chefs and cooking enthusiasts because of the Internet, there are still some personalities who stand out from the rest because of their years-worth of vlogs and cooking tutorials. Among them is the author of the online blog The Fat Kid Inside and restaurant owner, Erwan Heussaff. (Read: 5 Celebrity Dads Who Will Celebrate Father’s Day for the First Time)

Known to many as Anne Curtis’ husband and Solenn Heussaff’s brother, Erwan is a self-admitted foodie who cooks different types of food and sometimes puts twists on a recipe. He makes videos out of these trials and errors in the kitchen and posts it on his Youtube Channel.

Through the years, Erwan has gained popularity for his cooking videos where he would sometimes guest his wife, sister, or even brother-in-law, Nico Bolzico. Through his videos, many have been encouraged to try new recipes and become cooking enthusiasts of their own. (Read: ICYMI: These websites offer thousands of online cooking classes!)

With the hundreds of videos Erwan has already posted, it can’t be surprising if one would be confused about what to watch first. Good thing, My Pope has got you covered! We give you a rundown of Erwan’s most viral Youtube videos that made millions of people click and watch!

The Best Toast Recipes

In this Youtube viral, Erwan guests the pregnant and bubbly Anne where they explore six kinds of toast: mushroom, bacon and egg, green peas, kesong puti, french onion, and Anne’s favorite, avocado. (Read: Anne Curtis, blk cosmetics to donate pampering face masks for frontliners)

Erwan says that throughout Anne’s pregnancy, she had been craving toast—hence this is the first video he’s made that’s dedicated to her and their newborn daughter, Dahlia Amelie.

Dalgona Coffee At Home

For this vlog, Erwan rode on the Dalgona Coffee hype and made some recipe variations to it. For those of you who don’t know, Dalgona Coffee is inverted coffee of sorts that made waves on TikTok. The premise of this deconstructed drink is that milk goes on the bottom as the “main” drink and frothy coffee serves as the topping.

Erwan made the traditional Dalgona, along with a Milo (chocolate milk) version for those who are not into coffee, and Vietnamese coffee which makes use of eggs. No wonder this video went Youtube viral! (Read: Three DIY coffee drinks you can make aside from Dalgona)

Japanese Souffle Pancakes

Anne guests in another one of Erwan’s Youtube videos, this time for the oh-so-fluffy Japanese souffle pancakes! It can be remembered that the souffle pancakes went viral in the internet for some time because of the “bounce” and fluff in its recipe. Many Japanese restaurants here and abroad are already serving these pancakes and people are willing to fall in line just to have a taste.

For this vlog, Erwan takes more than a handful of attempts to get the perfect consistency of the souffle pancakes. He constantly had to change up the amount of each ingredient just to get it right and got close to it after the eleventh attempt. Now that’s real patience!


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