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WATCH: Erwan Heussaff Recreates Fast Food Dishes at Home

Satisfy your cravings with these recipes!

One major thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected is our eating habits. Because of the quarantine, we aren’t able to dine at restaurants, celebrate occasions at our favorite places, and even just have the luxury of not having to cook a meal after a long, tiring day.

Admittedly, it can be quite saddening to not be able to eat your favorite non-home cooked meals for almost a year (food can actually trigger happy hormones!). Luckily, celebrity chef and food vlogger Erwan Heussaff has the “Fast Food At Home” series on his YouTube channel where he tries to make restaurant dupes that anyone can try at home!

Read below as My Pope Philippines lists Erwan’s best videos for restaurant recipe dupes.

Restaurant Dupes by Erwan Heussaff: Pancake House Tacos

If you’re unfamiliar with Pancake House, they are one of the best pancake places in the Metro! They serve regular pancakes, but they also have savory and sweet ones like cheese and chocolate marble flavored pancakes, respectively! Pancake House also offers crunchy chicken, crispy bacon, and mouthwatering, filled to the brim hardshell tacos.

And in this episode of Fast Food At Home, Erwan tries to recreate the delicious taco dish that you can only get at Pancake House!

Restaurant Dupes by Erwan Heussaff: Nando’s Peri-Peri Chicken

While Nando’s isn’t available in the Philippines, there are people who tried the world-famous peri-peri chicken abroad and it instantly became their favorite. Peri-peri chicken is a marinated chicken served with peri-peri sauce, a hot-dip that originated in South Africa.

If you’re craving this flavorful dish or just want to try it at home, then you might want to check out Erwan’s recipe! (Read: These YouTubers Had *This* to Say About Jollibee Chickenjoy)

Restaurant Dupes by Erwan Heussaff: Jollibee Spaghetti, ChickenJoy, and Burger Steak

If your kid or younger sibling (or even you!) is begging for some Jollibee but you couldn’t get one even if you tried, Erwan’s got your back! In this video, the food vlogger shares how after staying for a couple of months in Australia, he and Anne have started to miss authentic Filipino— including Jollibee. That’s when he thought of trying to recreate the famous ChickenJoy, burger steak, and the sweet spaghetti.

Find out what Anne thinks by clicking here.

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