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WATCH: Emma Stone Stars as Cruella de Vil in New Disney Movie

The iconic Disney villain will finally get her own spotlight in this live-action adaption!

When you were younger, did you ever feel a sense of fascination with the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians? Fascinated and puzzled about how a family could have so many dogs—more than a hundred, at that— and how they are all so loving and disciplined even with their large number!

But as we know, we weren’t the only ones interested in the dogs; there was also this super rich woman who wanted the Dalmatians all by herself: Cruella de Vil. (LOOK: These Pixar Versions of Catholic Saints Are So Adorable!)

Cruella is a 65-year-old lady who has no children but has an $875 million inheritance from her parents. With her black-and-white hair and red-and-black car, Cruella may be one of the most iconic Disney villains out there, as her intentions are true to her name— she wants to cruelly skin the Dalmatians for her fur coat.

In the 1996 movie, Cruella didn’t disclose why she wanted to use the Dalmatians for her coat— she just seemed to be utterly obsessed with their black and white fur. But now, we might just know the story behind Cruella’s evil ways and her erratic obsession with dalmatians, as the Disney villain will soon have her own live-action movie!

The Adventures of Cruella

On Wednesday, February 17, Disney teased their fans with the official release of the trailer for Cruella, which stars Emma Stone as Cruella, Emma Thompson as the Baroness, and Paul Walter Hauser and Joel Fry as the henchmen Horace and Jasper, respectively.

The film is set years before Cruella even discovered the Dalmatians, the kidnapping, and all her other misadventures and shenanigans. And the trailer just makes us all the more excited for the film! The caption read, “Brilliant. Bad. A little Mad.”

Cruella is set to be released on May 28 on Disney+. (Read: Disney+ to Release Baymax, Moana, Zootopia Animated TV Series)

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