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3 YouTube Documentaries About the EDSA People Power

These in-depth films show exactly why we need to protect the democracy we enjoy today.

Today, we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution which saw the removal of dictator Ferdinand Marcos from Malacañang and the return of democracy in the Philippines. Millions of Filipinos, both young and old, took to the streets and joined the protest to overthrow Marcos and fight for their rights.

This milestone is definitely worth the celebration, but because we can’t attend mass gatherings due to the pandemic, we will have to find ways to commemorate the event while all of us are at home. (Read: How the EDSA People Power Revolution created a ripple effect across the globe)

And what better way to memorialize this historic occasion by educating the younger generation about it, and teaching them that dictatorship should never be tolerated?

So gather up the young ones and binge-watch these EDSA documentaries available on YouTube. It’s high time we teach children that freedom is a right— and that we must do what we can to protect it!

EDSA Documentary: Biyaheng EDSA

In this documentary by renowned journalist Howie Severino, we see how Filipinos have fared 20 years after the revolution. Their team interviews people from different walks of life traversing EDSA and asks how they have been doing in this democratic era.

They also meet different people who come from different backgrounds and points of view regarding the People Power, and their answers raise questions about what good the revolution really brought. Watch the documentary here.

EDSA Documentary: EDSA 30

EDSA 30 is a documentary by Inquirer which recalls the events that happened in 1986. It was released in 2016, on the 30th anniversary of the People Power. (Read: Hey, Filipinos! Historical Revisionism Is Not All Bad – Here’s Why!)

This documentary includes interviews with people who were witnesses to the atrocities of the Marcos regime. Actual footage from 1986 is also part of the 20-minute long feature— showing its viewers just how horrible those times were for the Filipino people, and why the democracy and freedom that we enjoy now must be protected. Watch EDSA 30 here.

EDSA Documentary: Batas Militar

Batas Militar, which literally translates to Martial Law, is a 1997 documentary produced by the Foundation for Worldwide People Power (FWWPP). It talks about the human rights violations (HRV) during the Marcos dictatorship, the issues the Marcos family faced, and the criticisms made by their staunch critic, slain Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr.

Interviewees from that era— such as the victim of HRV Nina Fajardo, Satur Ocampo of Bayan Muna, and Jaime Cardinal Sin (who was vital in the 1986 People Power)— shared their experiences and stories during those dark times in Philippine history. Watch this chilling documentary here.

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