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Global March For Afghan Women To Be Launched On August 28

It will be held every Saturday until necessary.

On August 28, Saturday, the Economy of Francesco (EoF) organization will launch a global march for all Afghan women and girls who are now fearing for their lives and their families’ safety amid the Taliban takeover in their country. The march will hold the theme, “Afghan women exist. Together we stand!”

The initiative aims to draw attention and raise awareness on the situation of these individuals whose freedom–which they experienced for 20 years before the Taliban regained control over Kabul–is now in jeopardy. (Read: Western Bishops’ Conferences Call On Government To Help Afghan Refugees)

Taking to the streets

In a statement, the Economy of Francesco said that people should take to the street to help Afghan women fight for their rights. “Bravely, in the streets of Kabul they shout: Afghan women exist. And they ask: support our voices, don’t let us disappear! World, can you hear us?” the organization said.

“We cannot pretend that all of this is not happening!” they added. The organization explained that Afghan women are there, and still visible, and that we must protect them “before a blue drape hides them.” (Read: Prayer For Afghanistan)

Which is why starting on Saturday, EoF is encouraging people around the world to march in the streets holding or wearing a blue cloth to show solidarity to all Afghan women. “In our hands and in the windows of our houses, a blue cloth, like the one that wants to hide them,” they stated. The march will be held every Saturday until necessary, according to the organization.

“Let’s wear from now on, every day, a piece of blue cloth to say: we are with you, we see you, we hear you. Together, let’s give visibility to these actions, let’s give voice to those who want to be silenced.”

Situation in Afghanistan

Crowds of people wait outside the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. on August 25, 2021 (Photo from David Martinon/Reuters)

It has been almost two weeks since the Taliban ceased power in the country’s capital on August 15, but evacuation efforts are still ongoing to withdraw US troops and citizens. Afghan families are also flocking to the Kabul airport in hopes that they can flee their country and look for a safer place to call home. (Read: Pope Francis Asks Public To Pray For Afghanistan)

According to authorities, there are around 10,000 people in Kabul airport hoping to hop on the next flight out of the landlocked country. President Joe Biden has a deadline of August 31 to withdraw all troops and citizens out of Afghanistan.

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