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How do you eat healthy while in quarantine? We asked a nutritionist-dietician!

Lynnel Areve Arenas of the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical Center gives us 7 easy tips!

The public has continuously been reminded to stay healthy ever since the start of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. We have been told to drink our vitamins, strengthen our immune systems, and eat healthy to protect ourselves from the threat of the deadly disease.

But how exactly does one stay healthy during the quarantine?

My Pope lists seven tips on how we can stay healthy in our homes amid the quarantine, according to Lynnel Areve Arenas, a registered nutritionist-dietitian from the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical Center.

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Stay Hydrated.

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The summer heat is definitely making us sweat a lot, which is both a good and bad thing. Good because sweat releases toxins in our body, but bad because it dehydrates us. With the heat index rising to over 40˚C in the country, make sure to keep yourself cool by keeping a glass (or bottle) of water beside you.

Eat vitamin- and mineral-rich food.

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According to Lynnel, taking multivitamins and wearing masks are not enough to protect us from contracting diseases. What we must do is to eat vitamin-rich food such as eggs and milk (vitamin A), and tomatoes and bell peppers (vitamin C). We should also increase our intake of mineral-rich food like nuts, fish, and tofu. Now is not the time to rely on fast food meals.

Practice proper food handling

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Just like in restaurants, we should also handle our food properly at home. Remember to separate raw and cooked food—including utensils used for them—and clean utensils after every use.

Limit salt, sugar, and fat intake

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Junk food undeniably tastes good—the sugar in the chocolate, the salt in a pack of potato chips, and the fats in a bubbly glass of soft drinks are crave-worthy for sure. But during a health crisis, it’s best to cut down on them. You don’t have to completely stop eating them, you just have to lessen your intake or find healthy alternatives because junk food isn’t necessarily the healthiest option out there.

Avoid overeating.

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Sometimes, when the food tastes really good, we can’t help but eat a lot. But as the cliché saying goes, “everything should be taken in moderation.” It doesn’t matter if it’s your favorite dish or if it tastes delicious, we should remember to control our food intake and eat in moderation.

Keep within your recommended weight.

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Admittedly, sleeping for extended hours and having more time to go to the kitchen and cook up something can have an effect on our weight. There isn’t anything wrong with gaining weight, as long as it doesn’t cause adverse effects on our body. Make sure that you are physically active to keep your weight in the normal range—and you also don’t have to cut out carbs altogether.

Get enough sleep.

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Ever since we were little, our parents or other relatives would remind us to get at least eight hours of sleep so our bodies could rest and be refreshed. But even as adults, we still need enough hours of sleep because it helps strengthen our immune system, which is what we want during a time like this.

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