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3 Easy Fried Rice Recipes From Aaron & Claire on YouTube

Change the way you eat rice with delicious recipes from this Korean couple on YouTube!

If there is one food item that Filipinos always have to have, it is most probably rice. Breakfast, lunch, dinner— no matter what meal, we’d prefer to eat something with rice.

Oftentimes, we spice up our regular rice by turning it into fried rice or sinangag which we usually pair with our breakfast meals. But did you know you can level up your fried rice from just the regular garlic and salt recipe? (Read: 3 Alternatives to White Rice if You Want to Eat Healthier)

Food YouTubers Aaron and Claire have the perfect fried rice recipes for you! This Korean couple definitely loves cooking and food— obvious from the hundreds of videos on their channel about cooking various dishes like kung pao chicken and kimchi, and them trying buffets and restaurants around their area.

So if you’re curious about their recipes, and our aforementioned leveled up fried rice, read on to find Aaron & Claire’s easy fried rice recipes!

Recipes by Aaron & Claire: Dumpling Fried Rice

If you’re a fan of dumplings like siomai or sharksfin, this one is perfect for you! Ready to cook frozen dumplings is your best friend in this recipe because it makes everything easier.

Because of the dumplings you’ll be mixing into the rice, you wouldn’t have to think of what ulam to cook to pair with your delicious rice since it’s already mixed into it! Get the recipe starting at the 0:40 time stamp of this video.

Recipes by Aaron & Claire: Golden Fried Rice with Tuna

If seafood is your thing, keep on reading for the recipe! It’s called golden fried rice because you will be coating your white rice with egg yolks to make it golden. Think of it as a full meal of rice, egg, and canned tuna— a tunasilog, perhaps— mixed into one delicious dish!

What’s more is that you don’t have to use different pans for it. You just have to create a division between the rice and tuna while you’re drying out the canned shreds from its oil. Scrub to 2:43 of this video to find the recipe.

Recipes by Aaron & Claire: Kimchi Fried Rice

Every hallyu or Korean Wave fan has surely gotten to eat kimchi fried rice at least once in their lives. That is because even Korean actors, artists, and celebrities love to have this simple yet flavorful fried rice on the regular!

This dish is simple to cook as well, especially if you always have ready stock of kimchi at home. The mixture of tangy, spicy, and nutty flavors will surely make you get a second or even third heaping of this fried rice! Get the recipe in this video.

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