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3 Unique Pudding Recipes You Should Try at Home

Enjoy these delicious pudding recipes with your family!

There are thousands of desserts out there that people can choose from. From the classics like ice creams and cakes to the newer ones like graham balls and ice cream sandwiches, there is surely a dessert for everyone! But if there’s one dessert that everyone can agree on, it is most likely pudding.

This dessert is delicious, simple, and easy to make— everything we all want and look for in any recipe. And today, National Vanilla Pudding Day, is just another excuse to make a tray or two of our favorite pudding! (Read: 3 Delicious Mason Jar Desserts You Can DIY at Home)

My Pope Philippines lists different pudding recipes that you can make, aside from the timeless vanilla flavored one. Read on!

Caramel Apple Pudding

Photo from Mark Roper/Taste

Every 90’s kid will probably enjoy this the most, because it was during their time (until the early 2000s) when caramel apple was a huge thing. Remember when you’d go to the mall and ask your parents to buy you an entire apple dipped in layers of caramel and candies? This is what this pudding will make you feel and remember.

The caramel apple pudding will take you back to the good ol’ days, and make you feel like you’re a child again. Plus, kids of this generation will also love this for sure, because it’s sweet and tasty! Get the recipe here.

Chocolate Pudding

Photo from Ian Wallace/Taste

When there’s vanilla, there’s always chocolate alongside it. It’s like these two flavors are two peas in a pod, or are partners in crime— vanilla and chocolate are inseparable. (Read: 3 Coffee Dessert Recipes to Jumpstart Your Day)

Even in pudding, there is also a chocolate version that you can try if you’re looking for another option other than vanilla! It’s a simple recipe that you can make, and that everyone young and old will surely enjoy. Find the recipe here.

Citrus Passionfruit Pudding

Photos from Immaculate Bites

If you are looking for a healthier flavor, you might want to get a hold of this citrus passionfruit pudding! It is similar to the well-loved lemon bar we’ve all tried, but an added sweetness can be tasted because of the passionfruit!

This dessert is so good that even kids will want to have a slice of it! It will surely be a household favorite after you make it for them. Follow the recipe here.

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