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Dunkin’ Philippines Opens First-Ever Store With Bikers’ Lane

Yep, 'bike-thru' will soon become a thing in the Philippines!

Apart from delivery services, drive-thru lanes and take out counters have been our go-to options for food since the COVID-19 pandemic started. It’s because it lessens contact with other people and we get to physically distance ourselves from others more, protecting both ourselves and others from contracting diseases and illnesses.

However, because many also opt to order food via the drive-thru lanes, it can take time before you can order yours as all kinds of vehicles queue in one single lane. Good thing, food establishments are now realizing that it can become a problem to have all vehicles big or small fall in line in just one lane.

This is why popular donut place Dunkin’, previously called Dunkin’ Donuts, opened their first store for the new year which has a separate bike and vehicle lane! (Read: DOLE to Give Out Free Bikes as Aid for Laid-Off Filipino Workers)

“Yes, it’s TRUE! Or should we say THRU?! Dunkin’ Philippines’ first drive-thru or maybe even the FIRST ANYWHERE with a special, designated BIKER’S LANE, is Now Open in Visayas Ave.,” their announcement said.

Photos from Dunkin’ Facebook

Bikers in the Metro

The increase in bicycles we see on the road can be attributed to COVID-19. People who commuted regularly before the pandemic now opt to purchase their own bicycles or motorcycles to avoid riding public transportation— a place where the risk of infection is high. Some are also using these vehicles for their sideline job as couriers and delivery riders for companies. (Read: The Types of Bike That Fit Your Need, as Explained by a Cyclist)

Aside from establishments trying to create a more bike-friendly establishment, local government units like Pasig City are also making the streets and highways safer for these bikers. Pasig City also launched the Pasig City Bike Loan program for its employees to help them purchase their own bicycles which they can use to go to work.

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