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WATCH: Nutritionist-Dietitian Explains Fad Diets, Plant-Based Eating

Here's what Dr. Dex Macalintal has to say about diets going around the internet!

With the hype of fitness coaches and their viral weight loss workouts on YouTube, more people have been hopping on the trend during the pandemic. Many have started to religiously follow a workout schedule based on these videos, while others combined exercise with some popular diets going around.

But what’s concerning is that not everyone is consulting a nutritionist-dietitian before trying out the diets they find on the internet. This can be detrimental, as these diets do not take into consideration important factors like the person’s health condition, lifestyle, and body type. (Read: Diet Plans for Weight Loss? A Nutritionist-Dietician Gave Us Tips!)

Luckily, we can now get an expert’s opinion about some popular diets through Dr. Dex Macalintal’s YouTube channel! The registered nutritionist-dietitian and licensed medical doctor regularly makes videos about nutrition-related topics and even some about COVID-19. Watch his videos below!

Diets Explained: Skipping Breakfast

According to Dr. Dex, many of his viewers and even patients claim to skip breakfast in order to lose weight. However, he says this is not the case— we actually gain more weight through food eaten at night than in the morning!

Mas hindi nakatataba ang mga calories na nakakain natin sa umaga kaysa sa gabi,” he says, “Ito ay dahil mas maraming calories ang nabu-burn sa umaga sa diet-induced thermogenesis.” 

Dr. Dex also reminds us of the saying, “Eat like a king for breakfast, eat like a prince for lunch, and eat like a pauper for dinner.” That’s because studies show that people who eat more in the morning tend to lose more weight compared to those who eat more at night.

Diets Explained: Fad Diets

Fad diets are diets that seem absurd, as they eliminate a certain food group from a person’s regular diet. “Usually ang mga diets na ‘to ay posted sa magazines, online publications, and they promote a crash diet,” Dr. Dex explains.

A crash diet is when one avoids eating certain types of food which could give them important nutrients— these would be diets that are high fat, low carbohydrates, and high protein. (Read: How do you eat healthy while in quarantine? We asked a nutritionist-dietician!)

Dr. Dex explains that while people who do this lose weight faster, their bodies lose water weight and lean muscle mass and not body fat. If you want to lose weight— meaning, you want to reduce your body fat— you shouldn’t rely on fad diets.

Diets Explained: Plant-Based Diet

Dr. Dex always reminds his subscribers to incorporate fruits and vegetables in their diet to strengthen the immune system and improve overall health. But are plant-based diets, which has become a hot topic during the pandemic, the healthier way to go? In a sense, it is the healthier option because you take in more natural nutrients and less processed food!

Dr. Dex agrees to this, mentioning one of his patients who was at risk for lifestyle diseases (heart problems, diabetes, and high cholesterol) and wanted to avoid maintenance medicines. His advise? Go on a low-fat plant-based diet with regular exercise for two weeks and come back for a follow-up. Lo and behold, the patient’s cholesterol and blood sugar levels went down! (Read: 5 Plant-Based Ingredients for Your Meatless Diet)

Yes, maganda at maaari talagang makatulong ang plant-based diet sa mga sakit na nauuso ngayon, especially lifestyle diseases,” Dr. Dex says.

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