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3 Dog YouTube Channels to Watch For Good Vibes

Relax for a bit during the quarantine by watching dog videos!

The pandemic is undoubtedly affecting both our physical and mental wellbeing. These days, most of us cope up with the stress by relaxing for a bit with sleep, food, or our mobile phones.

When we use our phones, we would go onto our social media accounts and scroll until our heart’s desire. But sometimes, even going on social media can be stressful— we read news about the pandemic, hate crimes, and bashing. So what could you do to relax without going on Facebook or Twitter? (LIST: Fruits and Vegetables That Are Safe for Dogs)

Our answer is to go on YouTube! Try checking out videos of cute dogs of different breeds and sizes doing adorable dog things— for sure, these will bring you good vibes! Here is a shortlist of dog YouTube channels you should subscribe to.

Dogs on YouTube: Tucker Budzyn

Tucker is a BIG golden retriever with such adorable antics. His videos would often feature him eating in front of the camera, munching on his favorite snacks like biscuits and meat, and seemingly feels (and looks) disgusted at broccoli and cucumber!

Tucker also has some guests around sometimes— small goldies like him, and his ‘girlfriend,’ Journee! Watch his videos here.

Dogs on YouTube: Maya Polar Bear

Maya is a female Samoyed that looks like a cloud and polar bear rolled into one! She’s one of those ‘meme-able’ dogs that have funny reactions and faces whenever she’s grossed out or happy. Maya even tries some human items like automatic toothbrushes (which makes her confused).

If you’re looking for some smiles and laughter, you should definitely check out Maya’s channel. Click here to watch. (Read: DIY home remedies to keep you and your pets cool this summer)

Dogs on YouTube: Crusoe the Dachshund

If you’re into smaller dogs, you might want to head on to Crusoe the Dachshund’s channel! He is a mini dachshund and was crowned the People’s Choice Award winner for 2018. What’s more is that he also has a New York Times bestselling book and has over four million social media followers!

Crusoe’s videos are mainly “day in the life videos” featuring his daily antics and his vacations with his dog friends. Watch his videos here.

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