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DJ Terence Khan Talks Career Challenges, Valuable Learnings, and More

"Be confident, always put your feet on the ground, and practice, practice, practice!”

Terence Khan, or “DJ Sting” to his fans, was only 12 years old when he started having an interest in doing voice acting. He got it while watching plugs and commercials on television, specifically on channel 9.

“There was a voice-over at that time that had a really good deep-sounding voice and I got thrilled to mimic him whenever possible. Also, both of my parents were working in the media industry at that time,” Terence tells My Pope Philippines

In December 1994, Terence got hired as a production assistant in an FM station called 89.1 DMZ (Danze music Zone). Then in July 1999, he became a radio disc jockey in the same station until it was privatized in March 2002. That was when he was offered a lateral transfer to IBC TV 13 as a cameraman. 

“It never became my passion due to the pains of carrying a heavy camera on my shoulders,” Terence says. Luckily, the job of voice-over announcer became available on IBC TV 13 after three months!  (Read: Liza Soberano, Shay Mitchell to Voice Filipino Anime Series on Netflix)

“I applied for the position and got hired as the station’s continuity voice-over announcer in June 2002 up until now,” he says.

Photo from iDMZ Sayaw Pinoy Instagram

Overcoming Difficulties

When he was just starting as a continuity announcer in IBC 13, Terence had difficulty speaking fluent Filipino. (Read: 5 Things to Know About Filipino Animator Ronnie del Carmen)

“When I was on an FM radio, we only did straight English including reading the news on-air. Eventually, I was able to get the hang of it by reading Tagalog newspapers and scripts, and through the support of my colleagues,” says Terence.

He also revealed that he had no basic voice training. But with experience and constant practice, he learned how to improve his craft.  Whenever he has gigs, he would arrive two hours early to get to know everyone on the team and review his scripts.

“I proofread the scripts that I am about to use for the event or project. I also do vocal and mouth exercises for a minute before I go live or record,” he says.

Live band concert at Caloocan Sports Complex live voice-over (Photo courtesy of subject)

Lessons and Advice

Having been in the broadcasting industry for 27 years and as a continuity announcer for 19 years, Terence values the importance of relationships and humility. (Read: Passion or Career? Podcaster Marge Villaester Weighs In)

“Be friendly and always be courteous to everyone you meet. Always be proud of your accomplishments and always put your feet on the ground,” he says.

For those people who want to pursue a career like his, Terence’s advice is to have good oral communication skills (both English and Filipino), be updated with news and current events, and attend seminars or training on voice acting or announcing.

“Be confident. Identify your voice quality, and practice, practice, practice!” he concludes.

(Left) Anak TV President’s birthday event live voiceover at Manila Prince Hotel (Right) Inside the production booth of the defunct 89.1 DMZ FM taken 1998 (Photos courtesy of subject)

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