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3 Delicious Mason Jar Desserts You Can DIY at Home

Kids can even decorate the jars for the desserts!

Storage is one of the main problems when it comes to food and beverages— you have to fit all your produce, spreads, leftovers, and other easily spoilable items into the refrigerator. Not to mention you’d also have to occasionally fit entire cakes in the ref to keep it from melting and help it stay in its original shape.

Luckily, foodies, chefs, and bakers have created mason jar versions of our favorite desserts. It is like hitting two birds with one stone, if you ask us. Because now, you can enjoy a cake in a more handy and space-saving way— plus, it can also serve as cute decorations for parties and occasions!  (Read: 5 Dessert Recipes Using Fruits in Summer Season)

My Pope Philippines is listing some DIY desserts in a mason jar that you can make at home and with your kids, and even use at a future party post-pandemic. Read below!

Mason Jar Desserts: Blueberry Pie

Photo from Michael Wurm, Jr. of Inspired by Charm Blog

Who says you can only eat blueberry pie out of a pan? This blueberry pie in a jar tastes just like your regular blueberry pie that you wouldn’t even notice you’re eating it differently! The only difference is that it’s way cuter because it comes in smaller, bite-sized servings, in equally adorable jars.

Find the recipe here.

Mason Jar Desserts: S’mores

Photo from Olivia’s Cuisine

S’mores is a staple camping food that people often make using barbecue sticks and a fire pit. But this jarred version is making the s’mores making a lot safer for everyone— no need to poke things through a stick, or roast anything on an open fire! (Read: 3 Guilt-Free Desserts You Can Try at Home)

All you need is grahams, mallows, chocolate, and a broiler. Follow the recipe here.

Mason Jar Desserts: Cheesecake

Photo from Let’s Dish Recipes

Of course, we have a jarred version of the classic favorite, cheesecake! Because this isn’t an entire cake we’re making, you can put different toppings on each cheesecake you make. This makes it shareable to everyone, and they’ll all have a flavor they prefer.

So, get your mason jars out and start baking! Get the recipe here.

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