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Three DIY coffee drinks you can make aside from Dalgona

Level up your Instagram game with these fabulous caffeinated drinks!

Unless you’re not that into social media, you would have definitely seen your friends try the super popular Dalgona coffee. The coffee, which became viral on the video sharing app TikTok, is basically an upside down coffee—milk on the bottom and frothy coffee on top.

But if you’re not into the Dalgona coffee trend but want to learn how to make Instagrammable caffeinated drinks during the quarantine, here are some DIY coffee drinks aside from Dalgona!

Salted Caramel Mocha Frappe

Photo by from Pexels

If you’re craving your favorite frappe from the coffee shop but can’t go out because of the quarantine, then you can try to make it at home! What’s good about this is you can control the amount of sugar that you put in your drink and make it according to your taste.

Follow this recipe or this video to start whipping your own frappe at home!

Melange Coffee

Photo by Family Friendly Cooking

If you’re looking for another Instagrammable coffee or are a fan of cappuccino, then Melange coffee is for you. Originating from Vienna, Austria, the Melange coffee is made out of milk and coffee—just like the Dalgona! What’s different with this is that the coffee used is black (no sugar or cream added) and is poured in between one layer of milk and a layer of frothy milk. Now that is a cup of coffee your followers will surely like!

Check this video out for the recipe.

Cold Brew

Photo from ChefSteps

If you’re one who prefers your coffee simple, this is the right blend for you. The cold brew is a simple mix that only makes use of ground coffee and water. However, you would have to prepare it ahead of time—cold brew needs to be refrigerated at least overnight. The wait is worth it, though, as it not only gives you the boost you need, but it also tastes good!

You can follow the recipe here.

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