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3 Dishes Inspired by Empowered Women in History

Prepare these dishes like these three women did— who knows, you might make history just like them!

Women in history have been lauded for standing up to sexism and discrimination, and becoming vessels of change in such a patriarchal society. There’s the suffrage movement to call on governments to allow women to vote, the demand to have equal opportunities and rights especially in the workforce, and many others that we now experience and get to do— all thanks to brave women who came before us.

That’s why in honor of these female figures in history, My Pope Philippines is listing some dishes that are attributed to, or remind us of, these women who paved the way for women of the new generations to be able to have the freedom and rights to do what they want to. (Read: Women Leaders Speak Up to Duterte’s Latest Sexist Remark)

Note: It may not be enough to just attribute dishes to these brave ladies for their contributions, but it’s definitely a start so that the young girls of this generation don’t forget these exceptional women!

Rosa Parks: Peanut Butter ‘Featherlite’ Pancakes

Photos from Wikipedia and Tori Avey

Rosa Parks is known as an African-American activist who sparked the Montgomery bus boycott, standing up to racial segregation. While it may have been a heroic and progressive move, there were great repercussions for Rosa— she lost her job, received death threats, and was forced to move to Detroit with her husband.

She and her husband struggled to make ends meet because Rosa had a difficult time finding a job that would accept her because of her race and after what she’d done. So they had to live off of eating pancakes with peanut butter, which was a Southern African-American thing to do. Experts found the recipe written on a bank envelope (Rosa re-used papers to save money) and was published to the world in 2016 through the Rosa Parks Collection.

Maya Angelou: Spanish Rice

Photos from John D. Kisch/Separate Cinema Archive/Getty Images/ThoughtCo and

American poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist Maya Angelou might seem like a headstrong woman (which she is) and no-nonsense kind of person to people who don’t know her, she is much a human-like any of us are.

In fact, when Oprah got the chance to talk to her, people got to see Maya’s charm and soft side. When she was asked what brought her joy, the poet answered with no hesitation: her mom’s Spanish rice. (Read: 3 Fried Rice Recipes That Are Not ‘Sinangag’)

“When my mother invited me over to eat Spanish rice, I knew I would hear good news,” she said, “And I always did! We shared a lot of good laughs eating it.” It was a simple dish that brought such happiness and contentment to Maya and her family, and we’re sure that you’d feel the same!

Kathrine Switzer: Beef and Brussel Sprouts

Photos from 261® Fearless and Dessert for Two

In case you’re not familiar with who she is, Kathrine Switzer was the first-ever woman to enter and run in the Boston Marathon in 1967. She was the one who was infamously pushed out of the race, literally, and got her number ripped from her clothes when a male director of the marathon saw her. But despite that shocking incident, Kathrine told her trainer that she would finish the race and prove everyone wrong; she finished the marathon in just a little over four hours.

In 2017, when she was interviewed and asked what she ate before running marathons, Kathrine answered that she would indulge herself in beef and brussel sprouts. “I’m hungry, it’s nutritious and it’s a perfect training meal,” she explained.

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