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We Need to Talk About the YouTube Series ‘Basta Gagradweyt Tayo’

This local miniseries deserves all the hype!

Directed and written by Leighton Angcan, Basta Gagradweyt Tayo is a Filipino dark coming-of-age miniseries that is available for streaming on YouTube. It follows two students, Aira (Endria Silva) and Raffy (Esau Villamor), who are teaming up to fulfill pre-graduation requirements.

Airah, who has been crushing on his batchmate Raffy, immediately thinks of a plan to help him after hearing that he can’t graduate. This plan brings her to unravel the mystery behind the man she has been admiring for so long.

In an exclusive interview with My Pope Philippines, director Leighton shares what really inspired the miniseries! (Read: Have you seen these Filipino films on YouTube yet?)

Photos from L.A. Films Facebook and Leighton Aiden Angcan Facebook

‘Basta Gagradweyt Tayo’

Albeit widely compared to Netflix hit End of the F****king World, Leighton says Basta Gagradweyt Tayo is actually inspired by documentaries, Kdramas, and societal issues.

“In the process of writing the script, I never really thought of getting inspiration from The End of the F****ing World. And I honestly never intended to copy it,” the 20-year old filmmaker says.

“However, as I was in the process of post-production, people say it’s giving off the same vibe so I thought maybe I should try referencing more techniques used in it,” he adds. (WATCH: Elijah Canlas Shares His Lessons Learned on Film and Acting)

Leighton admits that he enjoys watching The End of the F***ing World so it flatters him whenever people compare Basta Gagradweyt Tayo to the British dark comedy series. “It’s definitely an honor,” he says. 

Behind the Scenes

Still from miniseries Basta Gagradweyt tayo (Photo from L.A. Films Facebook)

Leighton reveals his team struggled during the production of the YouTube series, as it was shot during the quarantine period. He shares that while writing the script, he had to rethink his usual approach, “I really thought of locating the scenes away from the crowd or a location where there would only be us.”

Due to coronavirus-related constraints, he had to limit crew within the set and his team had to undergo a tedious and careful process to push through with the project. (Read: How Are Safety Protocols Observed in Production Shoots?)

“[P]roducing this in the middle of a pandemic is a huge risk at the same time. I believe as the producer of this project, I am responsible for my team and understood how face-to-face shoots would likely affect anybody,” Leighton says.

Leighton has been uploading shorts and series for over a year now. Check out more of his works on his YouTube channel, LA Films.

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