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Sunday, September 27, 2020
Vatican Applauds 'Diocese of Maasin' for Renewable Energy Efforts - image MPVisit_LEADERBOARD_728x90 on
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Vatican Applauds ‘Diocese of Maasin’ for Renewable Energy Efforts

The Diocese of Maasin is known for its solar panels installed in all of its 42 churches.

Pope Francis has always been a staunch advocate of caring for the Earth. In his encyclical, Laudato Si, Lolo Kiko wrote about how one can take care of our common home and to avoid exploiting the planet’s natural resources.

On the encyclical’s fifth anniversary, the Vatican acknowledged the Diocese of Maasin in the Philippines’ Southern Leyte province for leading the Church in the use of solar energy. In a 265-page document released on June 18, the Vatican states, “The Diocese of Maasin has become the first diocese in the world to equip all parishes with solar panels.” It comes as, in 2018, the Diocese of Maasin had a wide-scale installation of solar panels in its 42 parishes.

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Care for the Environment

The Vatican book, titled Journeying Towards Care for our Common Home: Five Years After Laudato Si, compiles all the best practices imposed on different countries around the globe. Its main focus is on how to take care of the environment and what can organizations do to save Mother Earth. (Read: Meet Pia Ocampo, A Diver Who Helps Turn Ocean Plastic Into School Chairs)

Aside from the Diocese of Maasin, the book also cited the renewable energy advocacy of the Philippines’ Episcopal Commission on the Laity. The commission, which has continuously encouraged the use of solar energy in church institutions and communities, was described in the book to “promote information and communication campaigns to spread the teachings of Pope Francis and the Laudato Si.”

Father Matthew Glover blesses Saint Rose of Lima School’s newly installed 50-kilowatt solar energy system. (Photo from Catholic Ecology)

The Pope’s Encyclical

The Laudato Si is Pope Francis’ second encyclical. It is an appeal of the Pope to every person living on this planet to have an inclusive dialogue about how people are shaping the future of the planet. (Read: Pope Francis Gives Support To Africa’s ‘Laudato Tree Project’)

The first encyclical to focus on the environment and its destruction, the Laudati Si is Pope Francis’ way to call on the faithful to look to our common future with candor and humility. He emphasizes the need to acknowledge the urgency of the planet’s environmental challenges. 


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