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Dimples Romana shares her secret to a happy meal

Filipinos are naturally tight-knit by nature and usually enjoy dinners with family. Even those with very hectic schedules (such as celebrities) take the time to eat at the table with their family, while some even find time to cook––just like actress Dimples Romana!

Known for her character Daniela Mondragon, the antagonist in the afternoon teleserye ‘Kadenang Ginto’, Dimples is a stark contrast to Daniela. Her family is her top priority and she is a loving wife to her husband, Boyet, and mom to 15-year-old daughter Callie and 4-year-old son Alonzo. 

Dimples loves food and loves to cook at home. She would even share her kitchen tips to her social media followers through the hashtag #DimpsKitchen, as she is a firm believer in the value of dining together as a family. “Every day, we feel that the simple salu-salo at home for each meal is vital to having strong bonds in the family,” Dimples shares.

My Pope sits down with Dimples who shares her thoughts about the value of food to family.

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Do you think it’s still important to sit down and eat together as a family at home?

Salu-salo gives way to the most amazing stories from every single member of the family. It becomes a great avenue where the family can create beautiful memories and always feel comfort and relief knowing you will never be alone and you can always go back to a place where you’re safe and loved.

Who taught you the importance of cooking and sharing food with your loved ones?

Definitely my mama. She’s Kapampangan and loves cooking. Her language of love is service and, up to this day, would always teach us the value of cooking for family and eating meals together.

Do you believe that cooking for other people is an act of love?


Absolutely. Cooking takes patience, tons of love and grace. When you’re cooking for people you love, the meal becomes extraordinary.


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Text by Idge Mendiola.




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