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What Is the Difference Between Gelato and Ice Cream?

Find out where you can get them, too!

Because of the hot weather, we’re looking at ways to cool ourselves down and keep ourselves feeling refreshed amid the heat. Two of the usual things that come to mind are to eat cold food like halo-halo and ice cream, and drink milkshakes or smoothies with lots of ice.

However, some people— especially those who are health-conscious— are concerned with the fact that these desserts are high in fat and sugar content. Good thing, there is the gelato which is a healthier alternative to ice cream and cold sugary treats! (Read: 3 Dairy-Free Ice Creams You Should Try This Summer)

So what exactly is the difference between gelato and ice cream? While we sure know that they both taste delicious, their contents are very much different. Read below!


Photo from Gelatissimo Facebook

Gelato, a frozen dessert of Italian origin, is a treat similar to ice cream but offers less calories, sugar, and fat. That is because it uses less cream compared to ice cream, and doesn’t use egg yolks.

When it comes to consistency, gelato is smoother and lighter, and is more liquid compared to ice cream. Gelato is also more flavorful because it’s denser, which allows flavors to seep through more equally.

You can get gelato from the following:

  • Caramia – Must-try Flavors: Turtle Pie, Coffee Mudslide, Strawberry Supreme
  • Gelatissimo – Must-try Flavors: Veronese Chocolate, Green Apple, Forest Berry Yoghurt
  • Manila Creamery – Must-try Flavors: Black Buko’t Monggo Sorbet, Mangga’t Suman, Salted Egg Cheesecake

Ice Cream

Photo from Merry Moo Ice Cream Facebook

Ice cream, on the other hand, is fattier than gelato in the sense that it has 14 to 25 percent fat content because of the cream and egg yolks added on top of the milk. It’s also harder to keep “solid,” as it requires lower temperatures than gelato to keep its shape or form.

Get you ice cream fix from the following stores:

  • Big Scoop – famous for their creamy avocado and sweet, marshmallow-filled bubblegum ice creams
  • Papa Diddi’s – boasts of being a handcrafted ice cream; everything is made by hand with lots of love
  •  Merry Moo – proudly local as it uses local milk and ingredients for its ice cream flavors

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