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3 Dessert Recipes You Can Try for Breakfast

Enjoy a sweet treat in the morning with these recipes!

For any sweet tooth out there, every day is a new day to eat sugary treats that get our energy up and running. And while everything should be eaten in moderation, we sometimes can’t help but ask for more sweets and indulge in it any chance we get, including breakfast.

Indeed, some fans of sweet treats would have a slice of cake or a cupcake to jumpstart their day, instead of the usual breakfast meals. And it’s completely understandable because sugar provides us with energy and wakes us up— something we all need in the morning! (Read: 3 Guilt-Free Desserts You Can Try at Home)

So to help you with your morning meal, My Pope Philippines is listing some traditional dessert items that you can actually eat at the breakfast table! Keep in mind that a nutritionist-dietician should be consulted about your diet if you have any conditions or health issues.

Desserts for Breakfast: Hot Milk Cake

Photo from Mr. Food

If you’re looking for something easy and quick to make for your or your children’s breakfast before work or school, hot milk cake is here to save the day! It’s basically a sponge cake of sorts that uses hot milk and butter for the recipe to give it a texture that’s similar to a pound cake. (Read: 3 Easy Steps for Meal Prepping at Home)

Hot milk cake is sweet but also light, and you can pair it with any syrup or fruit of your choice. Follow the procedures here.

Desserts for Breakfast: Jelly Doughnut Cake

Photo from Taste of Home

A doughnut that’s also a cake? Yes, please! A jelly doughnut cake is a combination of two favorite desserts— doughnuts and cake. It has the shape of the regular-sized cake is similar to that of a doughnut (or donut, whichever spelling you prefer).

What’s great about this is that you wouldn’t even notice that it’s dessert because it’s similar to bread and jam with its doughy cake and jelly filling! Plus, if you’re on the more health-conscious side, you can even choose to use an alternative jelly of your choice! You can find the recipe here.

Desserts for Breakfast: Frosted Banana Bars

Photo from Betty Crocker

Trying to incorporate more fruits into your family’s diet? Try out these frosted banana bars that are the perfect pair for coffee in the morning. It provides a good contrast of flavors and textures between the banana’s sweetness and ‘chunkiness,’ and the coffee’s bitterness and creaminess.

It also has a short preparation time, making it perfect for those who only have a few hours to spare before going to work or school. Get the recipe here.

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