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DA Releases New SRP Guidelines for Agri-Fishery Products

The new SRP guidelines aim to protect consumers from overpriced goods.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine which has forced many businesses to temporarily (or some, permanently) cease operations, many have lost their jobs, causing the unemployment rate in the country to reach an all-time high of 7.3 million in June.

Aside from that, the Philippine economy has also entered a recession, leaving many households struggling to cope financially. More than ever, people are budgeting their funds for basic necessities as stable sources of income are relatively hard to find these days.

To help address these issues and at the same time protect consumers from overpriced goods, the Department of Agriculture (DA) has adjusted the suggested retail price (SRP) guidelines for basic agri-fishery products in the Metro. The new guidelines, released on Wednesday, August 12, will take effect over the course of the quarantine period.

“To protect consumers and serve as a guide for market retailers, the Department of Agriculture has issued a new set of suggested retail price (SRP) for basic agriculture and fishery commodities sold in Metro Manila,” the DA Communications Group said. The new SRP guidelines were made possible through DA Administrative Order No. 10. It was signed by DA Secretary William Dar, and covers various basic commodities.

Posted by Department of Agriculture – Philippines on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Suggested Retail Price

To help you better understand the changes in the SRP guidelines for selected commodities in the Metro, My Pope lists some of the new retail prices. Read on! (Read: San Miguel to Build Hubs Where Farmers Can Sell Produce Free of Charge)

  • Bangus (Milkfish) – P169 per kilo
  • Chicken egg – P6.5 per piece
  • Cooking oil – P25 for 350 mL; P50 for 1L
  • Galunggong (Roundscad – local) – P140 per kilo
  • Galunggong (Roundscad – imported) – P180 per kilo
  • Garlic – P100 per kilo
  • Pork liempo – P250 per kilo
  • Pork kasim or pigue – P230 per kilo
  • Red onions – P100 per kilo
  • Rice (local) – P53 per kilo (special); P45 per kilo (premium); P40 per kilo (well-milled)
  • Rice (imported) – P52 per kilo (special); P43 per kilo (premium); P38 per kilo (well-milled)
  • Sugar (brown) – P45 per kilo
  • Sugar (refined) – P50 per kilo
  • Tilapia – P120 per kilo
  • Whole chicken – P130

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