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3 Delicious Nutella Recipes for the Chocoholic in You

Make your food more mouthwatering with these chocolatey recipes!

Just last weekend, the Nutella Truck went viral on social media after it made rounds in Eastwood City to provide customers with chocolatey treats at the Quezon City mall.

The truck was available over the weekend to mall-goers through a collaboration between the hazelnut spread and local restaurant Via Mare, which saw the restaurant’s signature puto bumbong and bibingka served with Nutella! (Read: The Secret Behind Your Favorite Chocolate Cupcakes)

Many were excited to try out the early Christmas treat, and they were not disappointed—plus, they also had the chance to purchase limited-edition Nutella Christmas bottles! But aside from this unexpected collaboration, Nutella also has its own tricks up its sleeves. In fact, they just recently released their own recipes ranging from snacks to desserts that use the timeless hazelnut spread!

My Pope Philippines lists three mouthwatering recipes that make use of Nutella.

Nutella Recipes: Crepe Skewers

Photo from Nutella

Most of us remember crepes as the larger and thinner version of the pancake which is then rolled into a cone and filled with fruits, syrup, and ice cream to make a delectable treat. But with this recipe, your crepes will be turned into bite-size rolls that you can put on sticks with the usual fruits you put inside your crepe— the perfect party treat once the COVID-19 pandemic is over!

You can find the recipe here.

Nutella Recipes: Chocolate Mousse

Photo from Nutella

After a hearty, fulfilling meal, one would surely look for dessert to break the monotony of flavors in the mouth. And in restaurants and buffets, one of the most common desserts you’ll find is chocolate mousse. Good thing, you can now make one for yourself at home with a jar of Nutella! You can even put your favorite fruit on top for added flavor. (Read: How do you eat healthy while in quarantine? We asked a nutritionist-dietician!)

Check out the recipe here.

Nutella Recipes: Chocolate Muffins

Photo from Nutella

Muffins are one of the pastries that people of all ages love, but kids have a distinct liking toward it since it’s a delicious snack that can be eaten anytime during the day. Now here’s the good news: the classic muffin can now become more mouthwatering with an added chocolate topping!

You may try this recipe to find out.

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