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3 Coffee Dessert Recipes to Jumpstart Your Day

Need a caffeine fix in the morning? Here are a few options!

Tomorrow is Monday once again, which marks the start of a brand new week. While it is a good thing to start fresh, we sometimes lack the energy to get up and get started with the week’s work.

While we can’t extend your weekend for you, or add a few more hours to Saturday and Sunday, we can help you start the week right by giving you coffee dessert recipes to get you going! (Read: Yes, These Quality Coffee Makers Cost Less Than P1,000!)

Here are three delicious desserts you can make in advance over the weekend, and just pull out of the fridge when you’re ready (or need) to eat them.

Coffee Dessert Recipes: Coffee Panna Cotta

Photo from Sugar Salt Magic blog

Looking for a simple yet delicious dessert to energize you? Look no further as this coffee panna cotta is just what you’re looking for! It only needs six ingredients— coffee, sugar, milk, gelatin, cream, and salt— but it’s surely a delightful one.

Oh, did we mention that this dessert only takes 20 minutes and no special techniques or equipment to create? Follow the recipe here!

Coffee Dessert Recipes: Coffee Mallow Dessert

Photo from Taste of Home

A sweeter but still caffeine laced dessert, the coffee mallow dessert will definitely give you the energy you need to take on Monday! Using different flavors thanks to crushed Oreos, marshmallows, and whipped cream, anyone with a sweet tooth will surely enjoy this concoction.

Another good news: You can even make this for kids sans the coffee! Get the recipe here.

Coffee Dessert Recipes: Dalgona Coffee Pudding

Photos from The Flavor Bender blog

If you loved the quarantine trend of making ‘Dalgona’ coffee, here’s a dessert you can make with your frothy coffee! The dalgona coffee pudding is similar to the classic dalgona coffee, as the coffee is still used as a topping. (Read: Three DIY coffee drinks you can make aside from Dalgona)

The only difference is that it is not liquid milk below it— instead, it’s a cream-like substance made of milk, cornstarch, and egg yolks! Try it using this recipe.

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