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3 Delicious Bangus Recipes You Can Try at Home

Save hundreds of pesos by choosing fish over pork!

With the prices of pork shooting to three or four times its regular price, the public is constantly looking for alternatives they can use for their daily meals. Because of this— and given that it’s currently the Lenten season where Catholics practice abstinence— fish has become a go-to option among many Filipinos.

Different kinds of fish are currently retailing for around P100 to P300 only, making it two to three times cheaper than red meat. But fish isn’t as versatile as pork, and there are fewer dishes we can cook using it— or so we thought. (Read: How do you eat healthy while in quarantine? We asked a nutritionist-dietician!)

Contrary to what many believe, there are actually plenty of recipes you can make using fish— or more specifically, bangus. So we decided to list some down for you to make cooking easier, and grocery shopping cheaper!

Bangus Recipes: Bangus ala Pobre

Photo from Casa Baluarte Filipino Recipes

In Spanish, ala pobre means “of the poor” and some Filipino dishes we know of carrying this name because these were most likely cooked and served by peasants during the Spanish occupation of the Philippines.

But bangus ala pobre is not a “poor man’s dish,” because despite it being inexpensive to cook, the flavors are just divine and everyone would love to have another bite! It only uses bangus, onions, garlic, soy sauce, and lemon for the entire recipe— a simple and easy dish to make! Follow the recipe here.

Bangus Recipes: Smoked Bangus Eggplant Torta

Photo from Yummy.ph

Because of the pandemic, people are incorporating more fruits and vegetables into their diet to strengthen their immune systems. That’s why this bangus eggplant torta sounds so good right now! (LIST: Your 7-Day Meal Plan for the Lenten Season)

We all know how good tortang talong already is, right? What more if we add bangus? Definitely a mouthwatering dish that’s inexpensive, delicious, and healthy! Get the recipe here.

Bangus Recipes: Puttanesca with Bangus

Photo from Asian In America

Not into rice? We’ve got you! We found this pasta dish that makes use of fish instead of the usual ground meat. The puttanesca with bangus is sort of like a fusion of Western and Asian cuisines as the recipe is from a Filipino mom living in America.

The dish uses fresh tomatoes for its sauce for a more flavorful and aromatic experience. Find the recipe here.

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