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4 Time-Saving Tips to Defrost Your Freezer

Get the job done hassle-free with these simple hacks!

Defrosting is a dreaded household chore that usually takes hours and can be messy. But as much as you hate to do this chore, refusing to defrost your freezer regularly will only increase your electricity bill and make the defrosting process more complicated. 

Several freezer models have self-defrosting features, but not everyone has them, right? Even those freezers with self-defrosting features still require some clean-up to work properly. My Pope Philippines is giving you these time-saving defrosting tips. (Read: WATCH: Carmina Villaroel’s Tips to Keep Your Fridge Smelling Fresh)

Defrosting tips: Make a list of items stored in the freezer

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The first step is unloading all the items or food stored in your freezer. This might be tough for those who have jam-packed freezers. Making a list of everything stored in your freezer before or as you unload them would be a big help. It will be easier for you to remember and organize all the items in your freezer once you’re done defrosting. 

You may place it on one side or gather them in storage, but some might get confused or forget where they exactly put the items while they’re busy defrosting. So, this will serve as your guide in putting everything back in place. (Read: 3 Food Items You Store in Your Fridge but Shouldn’t)

Defrosting tips: Heat the defrosting spatula/scraper

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Always remember to use the right defrosting spatula or scraper tool intended for the freezer, not a knife, cooking spatula, or spoon. It may scratch the walls of your freezer if you use it to scrape off the ice.

To speed up the process, heat the defrosting spatula first. You can either heat it in the oven for less than five minutes or submerge it in hot water. Make sure to use pot holder gloves or any protective gloves, especially when using a stainless spatula. For those who have a plastic spatula, just submerge it in hot water. Press the spatula to the ice to quickly break it or for safer use, dip it in hot water while you’re scraping off the ice. 

Defrosting tips: Place a pan with hot water in the freezer

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When defrosting, we usually leave the freezer open and wait for the ice to melt. Lessen the waiting time by filling hot water in a pan and placing it in your freezer. Close the freezer door, but leave it slightly open. If your freezer has shelves, put a pan on each flooring. (Read: Kitchen Hacks: 3 Ways to Utilize Space in Your Freezer)

The steam will help to accelerate the melting process. A reminder again to use protective gloves and never pour hot water into the freezer because excess heat might cause damage. Don’t use boiling water straight from your kettle. You may pour it in a pan first and let it sit on the side for five minutes. It is also advisable to place the pan onto a towel. For better results, change the water every 15 minutes or if necessary. 

Defrosting tips: Wipe it down using a hot cloth

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Soak up the puddles of water from the melted ice using a hot and damp cloth with a little amount of rubbing alcohol. Dip the cloth into the hot water and wipe the corners or sides of the freezer thoroughly. The alcohol will not freeze, so don’t worry about it, and you’ll only use a little amount to reduce the freezing point and hasten the melting process. (Read: 4 Ways to Save Refrigerated Food During a Power Outage)

Don’t think of using any other chemicals when defrosting your freezer. Keep in mind to always do the right process in defrosting your freezer for it to work more efficiently and longer.

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