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5 Home Decoration Tips Inspired by Catholic Saints

Decorate your home with accents associated with these holy intercessors.

Have a favorite saint? Subtly include your intercessors of choice into your home through colors and symbols commonly associated with them! Here are five popular saints and how you can honor them in your home interiors. (Read: 6 Design Tips to Improve Wellbeing at Home)

#1: Try Woodwork to Honor St. Joseph the Worker

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Consider woodwork from Focolare Carpentry Training Center (FCTC). Founded in 1968 by Italian focolarino Carlo Degasperi, FCTC has grown from a humble workshop in Bangkal, Makati, to a bustling furniture business in Cainta, Rizal. B

Besides teaching young men carpentry, the trade shared by father and son St. Joseph and Jesus, FCTC inculcates Christian values, which, like the skills taught in the center, will remain with them forever. (Read: The Miraculous Works of Sleeping Saint Joseph)

#2: Use Green Accessories if You Admire St. Patrick

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Deck your home in green or adorn it with shamrock-themed accessories. The three-leaf clover is recognized as the unofficial flower of Ireland. It was also supposedly used by St. Patrick to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity.

#3: Decorate Your Home With Lilies to Show Devotion to St. Anthony

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Prettify your place with lilies. The Patron Saint of Lost Objects is associated with the lily because artists depict him carrying a lily and the Child Jesus. The flower is also in bloom during his feast month of June. Legend has it that a devotee placed a cut lily in the hand of his statue in Austria in 1680. Not only did the lily remain fresh and fragrant all year round, but it also grew more blooms! (Read: Prayer to St. Anthony of Padua, a Priest and Doctor)

#4: Explore Roses to Pay Tribute to St. Thérèse of Lisieux

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Embellish your interiors with roses: from the color to décor and the real deal. The Little Flower of Jesus loved roses and was said to have thrown rose petals at the Blessed Sacrament when she was still a child. Those who seek her intercession usually ask her to send them a rose as a sign of her assurance that all will be well.

#5: Use Scallop Shells if You Are Sentimental For St. James

Photos from Father Kevin Estabrook and (Ariel coral velvet shell chair) Graham and Green

Remember him with touches of the scallop shell in your home. While the motif will give your space a beachy appeal, the scallop shell symbolizes something deeper for followers of the saint. (Read: 3 Items to Make Your Home Theater Dreams Come True)

Pilgrims who completed the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James), were guided by markers bearing the scallop shell. Its lines are said to symbolize the different Camino routes around the world, all of them leading to the same point, the tomb of St. James in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

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