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Book About 17yo Servant of God, Darwin Ramos, Now Available

'Darwin Ramos: Master of Joy' is written by the foundation's executive director, Rev. Fr. Matthieu Dauchez.  

In the words of one of My Pope Philippines’s Outstanding Parish Priests, Fr. Antonio Molavin, we all have to aim to be a saint in our mortal lives. “You might be thinking of the capital ‘S,’ but it’s enough to be just the small ‘s.’ You just have to be kind and live according to the Lord’s word,” he says.

That was exactly how Darwin Ramos lived for his entire life. Darwin Ramos was a street child with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He used to ask for alms at the LRT Libertad Station, until he was adopted by the Tulay ng Kabataan Foundation (TNK) in 2006. There, he lived for six years until his death in September 2012.

A few years after Darwin’s passing, the Diocese of Cubao opened the cause for his canonization. And on March 29, 2019, this cause was granted after the Vatican declared Darwin as a “Servant of God” — a title that is the first step toward sainthood.

Darwin Ramos’ relationship with Christ was intimate and profound (Photo from Servant of God Darwin Ramos: Cause for Canonization Facebook)

In honor of Darwin, the TNK will hold an online book launch today, May 22. The book, titled Darwin Ramos: Master of Joy, details the life and devotions of the Servant of God. It is written by TNK executive director, Rev. Fr. Matthieu Dauchez.

To give us more information about the book and the meaningful life that Darwin lived, Gloria Recio of TNK sat down with My Pope Philippines for a one-on-one interview. Here’s how it went:

What was Darwin’s life like with Tulay ng Kabataan Foundation?

Darwin was full of vigor and enthusiasm, and was very easy to handle. He was very obedient, respectful, and grateful that the TNK staff cared for him very much. (Read: 5 Daily Prayers to Teach to Your Children)

I remember when he first arrived at the Santa Maria dela Strada Drop-in Center for Boys in 2006. He was so friendly and jolly with other children and with the staff. His physical disability was not a burden for him to play and sing with other children, especially Tagalog songs, and even volunteered to do chores.

How did Darwin’s condition impact his faith?

It made a great impact on his faith because we always heard him say, “Ito ay kaloob sa akin ng Diyos,” and that made him pray so hard every day. He prayed the Rosary every day with the other children and sang adoration songs. Darwin offered all his joys and sufferings to God. (Read: 28yo Cebuano Priest Shares Healing Journey From a Rare Disease)

As a Servant of God, what message does Darwin convey to the Christian community?

That a simple smile is a great mustard seed sown by God to us that should be treasured and shared because it brings countless joy deeply not only to ourselves. It also lifts the hopes and spirits of others.

In spite of his illness, Darwin Ramos was a solace and support for all those who suffered. (Photos from Servant of God Darwin Ramos: Cause for Canonization Facebook)

If you’re interested in buying TNK’s book about Darwin’s life, you may email contact@anak-tnk.org or message them on Viber at 0960 857 3829.

Darwin Ramos: Master of Joy is priced at P165.

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