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IN PHOTOS: The Most Adorable Costumes Made for Pets

Here are some great ideas for your pet's next outfit!

National Dress Up Your Pet Day (yes, such a day exists!) has been celebrated every January 14 since the year 2009. The day was created by Colleen Paige — celebrity pet lifestyle expert and animal behaviorist — as a way for pet lovers to show off their beloved pets’ fashion sense. 

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), dressing up pets began centuries ago — and it’s for practical purposes! Thin, old, furless, or sick animals wore specially designed coats and shoes to protect them from rain and cold weather. Similarly, animals diagnosed with arthritis or hip dysplasia donned therapy jackets to ease their aches and pains. (Read: These Online Shops Make the Cutest ‘Barkday’ Cakes for Your Dogs)

But what about dressing up your furry four-legged friends with cute outfits for a quick photoshoot, or for special occasions such as Halloween or Christmas? The Animal Humane Society has a number of safety guidelines for that!

Among the tips are these: Make sure the costume is safe, comfortable, and does not limit movement; it is made of non-toxic materials; and has no small, dangling accessories that can get chewed and swallowed. (Read: Prayers of St. Francis of Assisi for Beloved Animals)

With that, let’s take a break from all the hard-hitting headlines and smile at these animals in their adorable outfits!

Dog—or lion? This costume made of artificial fiber can transform your pooch into a little bit of both!

Photo from (TOMSENN) Amazon

Bring a ray of sunshine into your life by dressing your pup in a yellow bonnet and coat

Photos from Shunsuke Facebook

Even your pet turtles can get in on the fun with soft and colorful knitted caps worn over their shell

Photo from Mossy Tortoise Etsy

Black wings turn this adorable pet cat into a bat

Photo from Amanda Denbeck Instagram

What’s cuter than a bunny? A bunny in a sweater!

Photo from Fannie E. / (FLAdorepet Store) Amazon

Even your pet dog can be a pope — with the right costume, of course!

Photos from (California Costumes Collection) Amazon and Arcani / Imgur

For plantitos and plantitas with a dog, this chia pet costume is perfect for your furball!

Photos from The Flirty Blog / Inhabitat

Lastly, here’s one “ghost” we wouldn’t mind haunting us!

Photo from kknews.cc

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