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Quench Your Thirst And Blow Your Mind With Nissin Cup Noodle Soda

Would you believe it...a ramen tastes like soda?

Instant ramen brand Nissin Cup Noodles just released a Cup Noodle Soda to celebrate its 50th anniversary this month! Sounds amazing and unbelievable at the same time, right? 

Well, it seems that Nissin just did the impossible. Called the “Cup Noodle Super Combined,” this playful and unique take on cup noodles got people curious! If you want to try for yourself, Nissin offers four ramen-flavored drinks: Cup Noodle Soda, Cup Noodle Seafood Soda, Cup Noodle Curry Soda, and Cup Noodle Chili Tomato Soda. (Read: Instant Noodles for Bread, Sushi, Pizza? It’s Possible With TikTok!)

A sip of fizzy ramen-flavored drinks

And yes, you got it right. It is ramen in soda form. As per Japan Today, the basic ramen soda is the Cup Noodle Soda, which emulates a ginger ale flavor that contains a salty sauce and pepper aroma. While the Cup Noodle Seafood Soda is like a creaming soda, it uses a cream soda-style base with a “hidden” hint of seafood.

(Left) Cup Noodle Soda (Right) Cup Noodle Seafood Soda (Photos from ©SoraNews24)

Meanwhile, the Cup Noodle Curry Soda is a cola-style soda mixed with curry spices, which results in a spicy Coke flavor. And as its name says, the Cup Noodle Chili Tomato Soda is a tomato-style soda with a refreshing and sweet and sour taste. These two flavors might be perfect for those who love spicy food!

(Left) Cup Noodle Curry Soda (Right) Cup Noodle Chili Tomato Soda (Photos from ©SoraNews24)

Some may find it weird and wonder what it would taste like, while others may get excited and tempted to buy. Well, you’ll never know unless you try! (Read: Upgrade Your Instant Ramen With These Cooking Hacks)

You can purchase it from Nissin’s online store. It is available in a set containing all Cup Noodle Soda flavors, eight Cup Noodle Umaibo snacks, and eight Cup Noodles (in eight standard flavors) for 2,998 yen (approximately PHP 1,300) with a limited stock of 15,000 sets.

Cup Noodle pouch


Photos from Takarajimasha Co., Ltd.

Aside from the Cup Noodle Soda, here’s another fun treat for Nissin Cup Noodles’ 50th anniversary! If you think the Cup Noodle Soda won’t suit your taste buds, don’t worry. Nissin also launched adorable Cup Noodle pouches available in different “flavors” and two sizes, which are small (11.5 cm tall) and large (14.5 cm tall).

It has detachable straps that can carry your stuff, including your lunch. Instead of the aroma of the cup noodles, a kawaii cat face will surprise you once you unzip the lid! The inner lining of the pouch is designed with cup noodle ingredients such as noodles, shrimp, and seasoning flakes that will give you a full experience of eating cup noodles. It also comes with a tiny fork and keychain. So, you can take your favorite cup noodles wherever you go!

Unfortunately, this is not available in the Philippines. But if you’re eager to get one, you may visit this website for more information. (Read: 11 Fun And Delicious KFC Quarantine Kitchen Recipes That Will Amaze You)

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