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5 Practical Tips for Families Infected With COVID-19

Two moms share lessons learned from their experience.

In this ongoing pandemic comes a not-too-surprising trend: entire families get infected with COVID-19. It’s practically inevitable, especially because when at home, everyone’s masks are off, and health and safety protocols ease up.

This is exactly what happened to Kabbie Rodriguez Alipio and Gail Ang, who recounted their experience of overcoming COVID-19 as a family in their respective Facebook pages.

On March 13, Gail woke up with a mild cough and felt feverish the following day. When her husband and the yaya of their 15-month-old baby also began coughing, they all had themselves tested, first with the antigen swab test, then with the RT-PCR test. Both tests showed they were positive. 

Kabbie, the mother of a 6-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son, said her husband tested positive on March 20 after fatigue progressed to a fever and elevated blood pressure. She and their two helpers, who developed sore throats, tested positive on March 23. (Read: 3 Ways to Support a Friend Who Tested Positive for COVID-19)

From their experience, Kabbie and Gail shared five things to do should you and your family get infected with COVID-19. Read below!

#1: Isolate ASAP When Someone Starts Showing Symptoms

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“The moment my husband felt symptoms, we should’ve isolated him right away, wore masks inside the house, and assumed he’s already positive even without the test,” says Kabbie. “Act fast. No time to be in denial.”

The master bedroom, where the entire family slept, became her husband’s isolation room. Everybody else slept downstairs in the living room. “Thank God for sofa beds!” says Kabbie.

#2: Practice COVID-19 Protocols Even at Home

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Just because you’re all positive for COVID-19 doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. “I have been exclusively breastfeeding [my] baby and I wasn’t about to stop,” says Gail. “I was advised by her good pedias to double mask and disinfect at all times while breastfeeding.” Ditto with Kabbie and her helpers who wore masks 24/7, even when they were sleeping. (Read: Virus-proof your home with these easy (and affordable!) ways)

#3: Prepare Supplies for the Persons in Isolation

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For the persons in isolation, make sure to provide them with their own utensils (“include dishwashing soap and sponge so he can wash his own utensils,” says Kabbie), paper plates (which can be disposed after use), vitamins and medicines, food, drink, hand sanitizer, and masks.

Kabbie also recommends securing the following:

  • Temperature gun
  • Oximeter
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Paracetamol
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Betadine gargle or throat spray (for sore throat)
  • Medical-grade masks
  • Medicines prescribed by your doctor

#4: Accept Help From Friends and Family Members

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Though there’s a stigma attached to the virus and those infected with it, there are also many good souls who are genuinely concerned for you. Says Gail, “Silver lining for me is how we felt the love of family, support of our neighbors, strangers, the outpouring of love and human connection despite the fear that envelopes everyone. Help and prayers were sent our way and vice versa.” 

#5. Pray for the Whole Family

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Kabbie relied on the rosary, prayer apps, and inspirational music to get her through this anxious time. “Prayer is really food for the soul,” she says. “While meds are there for your body, you also need to nourish your mind and soul.” (Read: 3 Mobile Apps to Help You Observe a Meaningful Lent)

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