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Become a Ramen Chef With This VR Game From Ichiran!

Get a feel of how Ichiran makes their famous ramen through Counter Fight Ichiran!

When you were little, have you ever dreamt of becoming a chef? Or even just being able to cook your favorite food or a full course meal? Now, you can make your childhood dreams come true through this all-new virtual reality (VR) game from Ichiran Ramen!

Called Counter Fight Ichiran, the game was created by developer Tricol, especially for the popular Japanese restaurant. In it, players will be able to prepare ramen bowls and serve them to customers. (Read: 5 Virtual Museums You Can Check Out While in Quarantine)

And because it’s for Ichiran Ramen, the game sticks to the restaurant’s ramen-making process and store policies— including their ideal serving time for customers!

Counter Fight Ichiran

Photo from Tech Week Mag

The gameplay for Counter Fight Ichiran is simple: Prepare the ramen just like how Ichiran would, and serve it to your customer in 15 seconds after placing the last ingredient. Not just that, but you will also make all of their ramens in the game— how exciting is that? (Read: Have You Heard? Mendokoro Ramenba Revealed Its Secret Menu!)

The game is in the first-person point of view which makes it all the more fun and engaging! You can get the Counter Fight Ichiran VR game through this link.

Take-Home Ramen

Photos from Ramen Nagi Manila Facebook and Mendokoro Ramenba Facebook

But if you prefer to be able to cook actual ramen, Japanese restaurants have also got your back! Because of the quarantine, many ramen places have already launched their own take home, ready-to-cook ramen kits for customers who are craving but are wary of going outside to dine. (Read: 3 Pinoy Recipes That Do Not Require Pork as an Ingredient)

These ramen kits are all prepared like how they would at restaurants— it’s just this time, they’re pre-packed and ready for takeout orders. Here are some restaurants that have their own take-home ramen kits:

  • Mendokoro Ramenba
  • Ramen Yushoken
  • Ramen Nagi (orders are only accepted from 1 PM to 5 PM)
  • Hanamaruken (call 0917 635 6254 or 0916 214 2208 for their Forbes Town Center branch, and 0936 316 5435 or 02 8794 2977 for their Santolan Plaza branch)
  • Ramen Daisho (order through Grab Pabili and Food Panda, or call 0917 881 7471)

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