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Check Out The New Belgian Bars From Conti’s!

You can get both flavors in one box!

Parties and cakes go hand-in-hand. It’s like one is incomplete without the other. And when we say cakes, we would usually remember Conti’s and their hefty cakes. Who can resist the towering delight that is Mango Bravo, right?

Through the years, the bakeshop has also become our go-to for other baked goods such as lemon bars, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and other delectable treats.

And when we thought it couldn’t get any better, here comes Conti’s with new chocolatey treats that would surely become crowd favorites: Belgian Bars! (Read: 3 Coffee Dessert Recipes to Jumpstart Your Day)

Made of that oh-so-delish Belgian chocolate, the fudgy and chewy treats come in two flavors to warm the cockles of our chocolate hearts.

Coffee S’mores

If you love coffee, and you also love the campfire treat S’mores, you would most definitely love this bar! It has chewy coffee and sweet chocolate, graham crackers, and toasted marshmallows to complete the s’mores experience.


Anyone up for some cookies-brownie combination treats? The new ‘Brookies’ will excite any sweet tooth’s fragile heart with its unusual, but definitely likeable pairing of cookies and brownies. It’s fudgy, like how most of us love brownies, and full of chocolate chips, just like how chocolate chip cookies should be!

Photo from Conti’s Bakeshop & Restaurant Facebook

What’s great about this is that you can get both flavors in one box!

You can order through Conti’s website, Messenger, GrabFood PH, or (02) 8580 8888.

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