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Considering Online Selling? Check Out These Tips!

Have a successful online business with these reminders.

If anyone would define 2020, it would be a year of online selling. Because everyone had a lot of free time by staying at home, many have resorted to selling stuff online to make up for the loss of income.

In all fairness, online selling is one of the few things that we can rely on especially during these turbulent times. We have seen so many stories of people who lost jobs and found their saving grace through online selling— may it be food, beauty products, or clothes. (Read: 5 Inspirational Filipinos Who Didn’t Let COVID-19 Get Them Down)

However, as much as it is super easy, online selling can have its cons, too. For one, you may be scammed by your buyers. Or in actress Kris Bernal’s case, your products may get damaged during shipment. But of course, all these apprehensions can be avoided if you follow these tips.

Set a Long Term Business Goal

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Visualize your business five years from now. Is it thriving? Do you have many customers? Were you able to sustain it? The first tip to becoming a successful online seller is to have a clear goal on where the business should go. (Read: A Prayer for Business Owners in Difficult Times)

For example, your long-term goal might be the supplier of goods in your barangay and in your city. That way, you have a clear set of steps on how to achieve it thus making your business successful.

Make Sure You Ship Your Items Without Delay and Damage

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In her recent vlog, Kris Bernal shared that when she shipped her items to the United Kingdom, it arrived damaged. While she checked the products before shipping them and it was probably the courier’s fault, she said that you need to be mindful of how you pack your items. (Read: 5 Beauty Brands That Are Cruelty-Free, Vegan, or Both)

Make sure that you pack each item in bubble wraps to avoid slashes when opening the packages. Also, make sure you ship it on time to avoid delays with your customers.

Connect to Your Customer on a Personal Level. Always Ask for Feedback.

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Do not snub inquiries on your products, no matter the question, you have to answer it in a polite and friendly manner. It’s best if you have the first-hand experience with the product so you can give them advice. It would also be great to keep in mind that selling does not end once your customer receives their items. Ask for feedback because that way you’ll know how to improve what you are selling.

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