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Here’s Your Ultimate Guide For A Spotless, Germ-free Kitchen

How often do you clean these spots in your kitchen? 

For many people, the kitchen is their happy place. But it can also be the dirtiest part of the house. Cleaning the kitchen doesn’t simply end with sweeping the floor and wiping the exposed areas. From the countertops down to the flooring, you have to make sure that all surfaces are clean. 

A regular kitchen clean-up will keep all the items in your cooking area organized. It will prevent the spread of germs or bacteria in utensils and other cooking materials that might contaminate the food you will cook and eat. (Read: 3 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen, According to Bea Alonzo)

And while it is a time-consuming task, there is no shortcut– especially if you want a safe, germ-free, and spotless kitchen. But most of the time, there are places and corners that we overlook when cleaning. So read on for the ultimate guide on how and where to look for your next kitchen clean-up. 

Appliance handles

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The handles of kitchen appliances like the fridge, microwave oven, coffee maker, including cabinets and drawers, are what we usually touch from time to time. It is one of the most germ-ridden spots in the kitchen. Sometimes, we unknowingly touch them with unwashed hands while cooking. So, don’t forget to give all the handles a good scrub daily or wipe them off to remove dust or smudges. 

Drawers and cabinets

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Aside from the handles, the kitchen cabinets and drawers need a thorough cleaning too. Germs, dirt, and grease build up inside and outside the cabinets and drawers, where the utensils and other cooking materials are stored. It is a must to keep them tidy and organized! Just wipe them off with a clean wet wash cloth and let them dry for a few minutes. (Read: WATCH: These TikTok Kitchen Hacks Will Blow Your Mind!)

Beneath the appliances

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The strange smell in the kitchen doesn’t always come from the stove or sink. It could be food or a drop of condiments that slipped under the appliances or in other spots we rarely check. If you’ve never cleaned under or behind your appliances, especially the fridge, it’s probably time to do so! Food and condiments or sauce that gets stuck or splatter beneath the kitchen appliances can attract insects like cockroaches and mice, which might become a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Trash can

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It is automatic to take out the trash regularly, but do you ever deep clean your trash bins? Failure to do so can leave all the germs and bacteria stinking up the kitchen. Always include the trash bins when cleaning the kitchen. You can either take it outside or in the comfort room to scrub it. A disinfectant spray would help as well!


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Some of us might not realize that we also need to clean the dishwasher from time to time. After all, its purpose is to clean and store all the utensils and cooking materials. Just like the dishes, they should be clean at all times! Food particles might clog the drain and leave the plates and cutleries greasy. (Read: This is the REAL Reason Why You Must Clean Your Kitchen Sponge)

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