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3 Reasons Why You Must Clean Can Lids Before Opening It

Germs and dirt can mix into your food.

Many of us stock up canned goods and beverages in our kitchen for emergencies or easy-to-prepare ulam. It is convenient and available in every store! But we may not realize how necessary it is to clean can lids.

From factories to warehouses, canned goods are transported through trucks and travel long before they arrive at several stores. Despite the sanitation done by grocery or convenience stores and markets, some are possibly stored in places exposed to dust. That’s why we should start practicing cleaning the can lid before opening it.

Aside from dust, there are also other reasons why we should always clean can lids first. Read below! (Read: Quick and Healthy Recipes Made With Canned Goods)

Why you must clean can lids: It can be a breeding ground for bacteria

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To clarify, canned goods are safe and clean to consume! However, the can lid might be one of the reasons for it to be contaminated. Nobody knows if the canned goods in convenience or sari-sari stores fall on the floor or are accidentally placed in areas prone to bacteria and germs. Some of you might not notice that there are times when the can lid has stains or dark marks. So, it is best to wash the lid with dishwashing soap and water to assure that it is sanitized well.

Why you must clean can lids: Traces of insects may fall into your food

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This doesn’t happen all the time, but there’s a possibility that the lid of canned goods stuck for a very long time in stores could contain small traces of insects like flies, mosquitoes, and even cockroaches. It can transmit diseases once those traces fall into the food unnoticed. In an article from, Dr. Cedric Spak, an infectious disease specialist at Baylor University Medical Center of Dallas, said the cause of the germs might have been from a rodent who stepped on them at some point while the cans were on the shelf. Always make sure to check and clean can lids of all the canned goods and sodas, including canned pet food, from the moment you purchase them and before you open them! (Read: WATCH: Food Safety Expert Shares Tips to Avoid Food Spoilage)

Why you must clean can lids: It can be contaminated by dust

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We usually overlook the can lids of every canned good we consume, especially whenever we are in a hurry or running errands! Even in grocery stores at malls, canned goods and sodas are exposed to dust since they are stuck on shelves. A simple dust or dirt might contaminate the food we eat. The dust can be mixed up with the food inside the can as we open or pour it, particularly in soda cans, as we directly drink from its lid. Make it a habit to wipe the can lid using wet wipes, tissue, or better, a damp clean cloth! (Read: Here’s Your Ultimate Guide For A Spotless, Germ-free Kitchen)

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