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LOOK: Filipino Artists Draw the Most Iconic Women of Netflix

CJ de Silva and Betsy Cola sure know how to commemorate strong female characters on popular media!

Even as International Women’s Month is coming to a close, people are still celebrating women around the world. Female athletes, bosses, activists, professionals, and all other empowered individuals are still being honored for their contributions to society and history, and are being shown appreciation to.

Even fictional characters are being celebrated this month for their undeniable contribution to the strong female narrative we now see today. As a matter of fact, two Filipina artists, CJ de Silva and Betsy Cola, have recently made headlines for paying tribute to their favorite female characters on Netflix who embody the strength, power, and beauty of a woman!

Check out below some of their art— complete with explanations as to why they think highly of these female characters! (LIST: Strong Women Who Inspire Young Girls Around the World)

Empowered Women of Netflix: Seo Dal-mi

Photos from Netflix and CJ De Silva

Seo Dal-mi is a character from the popular Korean drama, Start Up. Played by Bae Suzy, Dal-mi is a bright and ambitious woman who aspires to become Korea’s Steve Jobs. (Read: Heads up! These Korean Shows Are Coming to Netflix Soon)

“I am 100% Team Dal-mi! She’s unapologetically ambitious and street-smart. She’s a pragmatic dreamer who’s fascinated by brilliant ideas and takes risks to bring it to life,” CJ says about the character.

Empowered Women of Netflix: Enola Holmes

Photos from Netflix and CJ De Silva

Enola Holmes, the youngest Holmes sibling and sister of renowned detective Sherlock, is a young lady who defies the female stereotype during her era. Instead of doing household work, Enola aspires to become a detective just like her brothers. She is also quite skilled at martial arts and sports— all thanks to her mother who also championed women empowerment in society!

“I wish I had an Enola Holmes to look up to when I was a young girl,” CJ says. “I hope a lot of parents saw this movie. Because imagine raising a girl in a home filled with knowledge, skills, art and most of all, freedom!”

Empowered Women of Netflix: Captain Jang

Photos from Netflix and Betsy Cola

Captain Jang from the space-themed Korean movie, Space Sweepers, is a tough cookie to break. In most of the movie, she is this badass captain who doesn’t let any man order her around— in fact, she’s the one ordering her male crewmates around! (Read: 3 More Films, Series Where You Can Watch Song Joong Ki)

“It’s rare to see a woman front and center in a sci-fi blockbuster, but even rarer to see a woman of color in that spot. Captain Jang from Space Sweepers is a badass leader in every way,” Betsy explains.

Empowered Women of Netflix: Penelope and Eloise

Photo from Nicola Coughlan Instagram and Betsy Cola

Penelope and Eloise are two of the well-known characters in the Regency Era romantic drama, Bridgerton. The two, who live in an era where women are ordered to get married once they become of age, defy the system and opt to not be involved with a man because they want to make names for themselves. (Read: 3 Period Dramas You Can Watch Besides Bridgerton)

“Penelope and Eloise stand out because amid the societal pressure of getting married and becoming perfect marriage material, they demand to be seen as women who can be more than what is expected of them,” Betsy says about the two young ladies.

Check out all the artworks here.

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