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Make Breakfast More Exciting With Koko Krunch Chocolate Chip Cookie Cereal

It’s time to level up your breakfast cereal!

A box of cereal is usually our life-saver every morning whenever we run out of stock or don’t have time to prepare for breakfast. You can either consume it with milk or eat it as it is if you just want something to munch on.

To add a fun twist to this breakfast favorite, Koko Krunch has come up with a chocolate chip cookie cereal that even adults will love! (Read: This Bakeshop Adds Unique and Colorful Twists on Cinnamon Rolls)

Koko Krunch cookies

Koko Krunch Chocolate Chip Cookie cereal is simply a combination of Koko Krunch and chocolate chip cookies. Each piece has a teeny tiny bit of chocolate chips that add crunch and a more chocolatey taste!

Photos from Nestle Breakfast Cereals Malaysia Facebook

Instead of the usual chocolate cereal, the new Koko Krunch cereal now looks like mini chocolate chip cookies. And to make it cuter, the cookies are shaped like a bear after Koko Krunch’s mascot, Koko the Koala. Kids will surely enjoy their breakfast upon seeing those adorable bear ears!

As both Koko Krunch and chocolate chip cookies are best paired with milk, make sure to buy a carton of your favorite milk to add to your bowl of Koko Krunch Chocolate Chip Cookies. (Read: 4 Fun Facts About Chocolate Chip Cookies)

Where to get it

It is available at SM Supermarkets nationwide and on Lazada. When you purchase it on Lazada, it is bundled with a 500 grams Koko Krunch Kids Cereal for only PHP 210. You will also get a bear-shaped Koko Krunch bowl as a freebie! You can buy it here.

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