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Julie’s Bakeshop Now Sells Choc Nut Spanish Bread

An unexpected but delicious combo you should try!

In celebrating its 40th year, Julie’s Bakeshop surprised customers with a unique and irresistible Choc Nut Spanish Bread!

The collaboration of Julie’s Bakeshop with Choc Nut gives customers “a sense of nostalgia and at the same time, enjoyment of being able to experience it in a new way.” (Read: Still Can’t Get Over Trese? Here’s 8 Nuno-approved Choc Nut Recipes to Try)

A chocolatey and buttery filling

This nostalgia brings to mind our love for Choc Nut when we were kids—maybe, until now. And who would’ve thought its sweet and nutty flavor would go well with the buttery and pillowy merienda-favorite? 

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While it looks like the usual Spanish bread, don’t be fooled! The Choc Nut Spanish Bread has a creamy Choc Nut spread filling that blends with the buttery flavor of the Spanish bread! Plus, the nutty texture adds a bit of crunch. Both kids and kids at heart will surely love its taste!

These soft and fluffy bread rolls are best paired with coffee during breakfast or merienda. You can also munch on it while studying, working from home, or watching some movies! If you haven’t tasted Choc Nut for a long time, this treat will give you a nostalgic feeling or remind you of your childhood. (Read: Start Your Day With These Cute Bread Toasters)

Where to get it

The Choc Nut Spanish Bread is available in a pack of six for PHP 65 and per piece for PHP 11 only. Take note that prices may vary. You can buy it at any Julie’s Bakeshop branch in Luzon or have it delivered through their hotlines: (0917) 814-4357 or (0961) 078-7835 and Foodpanda.

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