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Still Can’t Get Over Trese? Here’s 8 Nuno-approved Choc Nut Recipes to Try

And if you haven't watched it yet, do so with these delectable desserts!

Are you like Nuno from Netflix animated show Trese who is fond of the popular Filipino chocolate-peanut bar Choc Nut? Well, you are not alone!

If you haven’t seen Trese yet, the main character Alexandra Trese is a private detective who specializes in the supernatural. In several episodes, Alexandra offers a piece of Choc Nut to Nuno, a dwarf-like creature in Philippine mythology, in exchange for relevant information related to her case.

The large-sized version of Choc Nut left many viewers craving for the famed local sweet. With that, My Pope Philippines rounds up eight Choc Nut-based recipes that you would love to indulge in! (Read: ‘Trese’ Posters and Billboard Get Vandalized, Netizens React)

Choc Nut Ice Cream

Photo from Create with Cream

This three-step recipe is perfect for humid afternoons or if you just want to simply make a unique twist from your childhood favorite sweet.

Check out the procedure here.

Choc Nut Refrigerator Cake

Photo from Create with Cream

This no-bake cake is the perfect way to take your dessert spread over the top without breaking a sweat. (Read: What Is the Difference Between Gelato and Ice Cream?)

You may also want to add other ingredients like peanut brittle or banana slices for added flavor!

Follow the steps here.

Choc Nut Pudding

Photos from Pinoy Recipe at iba pa

Haven’t watched Trese yet? We may have found a perfect treat for the whole family while binge-watching the whole series!

Read the recipe here.

Choc Nut Walnut Bar

Photo from The Peach Kitchen

If you cannot get your hands on a giant Choc Nut bar, then why not make a sizeable walnut bar made from Choc Nut? (Read: The Secret Behind Your Favorite Chocolate Cupcakes)

Try the recipe here.

Choc Nut Smoothie

Photo from Karinderya Chef

Yes, there is a way for us to drink our favorite Filipino candy bar, too! This refreshing drink only needs three ingredients!

Follow the recipe here.

Choc Nut Crinkles

Photos from Junblog

Reintroduce this chocolate-peanut bar to your kids or to your younger siblings. Don’t forget to serve a glass of milk with it. 

Get the recipe here.

Choc Nut Chocolate Cake

Photo from Cook Pad

This cake is sure to be your new go-to for special occasions or even simple celebrations. (Read: Check Out The New Belgian Bars From Conti’s!)

Find the steps here.

Choc Nut Palamig with Gulaman

Photo from Unilever Food Solutions

Impress your whole family with a fresh take on the classic mais and banana con yelo. This Choc Nut palamig with gulaman will surely hit the right notes.

See the procedure here.

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