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Hey, 90’s Kids! Don’t You Wish These Fast Food Items Would Make A Comeback?

We hope fast food chains bring them back!

When we were young, “Bibili tayo ng fried chicken” or “Bibilhan kita ng ice cream” statements from our parents and guardians were music to our ears– and we would accompany them anywhere and will be on our best behavior until we get the reward.

This might have influenced our love of fast food, that even as adults, there would be times when we’d crave ChickenJoy, McSpaghetti, or something else that we’ve grown up ordering at fast foods. But as we grew older, menu items of these establishments have also grown and changed. (Read: WATCH: Erwan Heussaff Recreates Fast Food Dishes at Home)

Some of our favorite food items have been altered while others were completely phased out and removed from the menu, only to live in our memories. Here are some of the well-loved items that we wish would return to the menus of our favorite fast-food chains.

Jollibee: Choco Mallow Pie

Photo from Jollibee Facebook

Many people have discovered the deliciousness of Jollibee’s Peach Mango Pie over the last few years, and it has quickly become a crowd favorite even with foreigners and tourists. But we bet you didn’t know that before, there were two dessert pies Jollibee offered! The other being the Choco Mallow Pie, which has melted chocolate and mallow filling inside a crunchy crust!

Unfortunately, a few years ago it was removed from the menu. It did make a comeback in 2017, but it was only for a limited time only. Here’s to hoping for a more permanent comeback!

McDonald’s: McSpicy

Photo from McDonald’s Facebook

For anyone who loves spicy food, the McSpicy is a relatively affordable spicy snack to have. But even non-spicy lovers have tried McDonald’s spicy chicken sandwich and loved it! However, despite the demand and love for the McSpicy, the fast food giant has phased it out.

It has returned to the menu for a couple times already, for a limited time period each time, but in the recent years, people haven’t seen the McSpicy’s return.

KFC: Double Down

Photo from KFC Facebook

Are you a chicken lover? If yes, then you’ve probably had your share of KFC’s Double Down when it was still on their menu. It’s a ‘sandwich’ that uses two pieces of chicken fillet as the bread, and has cheese, bacon, and sauces as its filling!

Sadly, it was removed from KFC Philippines’s menu, but some other KFCs in different parts of the world still have it.

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